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A swarm of gamers and streamers descended upon TwitchCon this past weekend, taking over the Long Beach area of California for three days with their flashy, purple badges in hand.

TwitchCon is a convention for creators, viewers, streamers, gamers, and anyone part of a community—and on Twitch, there’s a community for everyone. Take a scroll through our photos!

TwitchCon on the Floor

The Long Beach Convention Center was massive. The floor spanned several zones, leading to a colossal Esports Stage, booths lining the Charity Plaza and the Creative Corner to buy artwork.

Featuring spaces dedicated for indie games, a LAN zone, streaming workshops and meet & greets, TwitchCon had everything in place to stimulate the senses for three whole days.

Panels at TwitchCon

Need business advice? Branding tips? Growing communities? There were countless panels on the business of streaming, as well as informative ones on intellectual property law, mental health and inclusivity—even panels for how to stream VR, board games and podcasts.

I dropped by a few panels, including “It Gets Better – Encouraging Empathy in a Virtual Environment” featuring AMD’s Leslie Pirritano, alongside DistractedElf and Brian Wenke for It Gets Better.

Another popular panel was “Paint Like Bob Ross”, a free class on painting with Bob Ross’ techniques—and I unfortunately missed the beginning, but I did stick around to watch. The participants’ finished works were pretty good!

How to Build Your Own Streaming PC

Radeon was also heavily featured in the “How to Build Your Own Streaming PC” panel, where five PC gamers and streamers built a PC from scratch—in under an hour in front of a packed audience.

The panel had a mix of well informed gamers and streamers in the industry:

The panel ended with a few giveaways, much to everyone’s joy. Congratulations to the lucky winners, especially to Carissa Matthews who won an entire PC!

We also want to give a huge shoutout to NZXT, Cooler Master, ASRock and Fatal1ty for making the build and panel possible.

Jaw-Dropping Cosplays

No words needed. These people are talented, with dedication to see their work through to boot.

With so much going on at TwitchCon, we probably missed a few things! If you attended, what was your favorite part of the show? Leave us a comment if we missed something you saw at the event.

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