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Join AMD on December 13th for New Horizon, where the public will experience “Zen” in action for the first time, alongside Geoff Keighley and Evil Geniuses legend PPD. New Horizon will also feature Radeon GPUs in several demos.

Sign up for the Red Team to learn more about New Horizon and watch the New Horizon livestream here for an exclusive preview of “Zen”. We hope you tune in.

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  • Saita

    I want to be amazed. I’ve been Red all my life, but out of necessity I ended up with a 1070 on release. Please don’t let me down!


    The upgrade itch is upon me and it is starting to get RED. I’m holding out so I don’t turn green!

  • TheDizz

    We want a direct competitor for GTX 1070 or don’t bother. Nvidia made more money in the recent quarter from high end dGPUs alone, so much for growing the TAM aye?

  • Mike G


    I’m an AMD fan, shareholder and work in the startup space here in Austin. I would *love* to attend this event. Any way I can come?

  • James Witter

    I’ve been AMD since the AMD 700 MHz Duron PC I bought it At Circuit city ,
    It came with 2 MB of Nvidia vanta two mb video card , I upgraded to an AMD Radeon 64 . I’ve never not had AMD . Other than an AMD Athlon 64 1800 MHz ! Then I purchased A AMD $1000 FX 55 processor and dominated in COD 2 , I then took a break for gaming because of real life for a few years I’m back in the end and AMD FX 8370 my daughter has an AMD FX 6300 in there also purchased an AMD till four I can’t remember for my son at s then took a break for gaming because of your life for a few years back and it now and the FX 8370 my daughter is in AMD FX 6300 and I’ve also purchase chips from my wife and kids through the years and they’ve all been AMD as well as video cards . If you cut me a little he bleed TEAM RED ! I hope we can have something equal to them but if not I will still game AMD because after all I have a mortgage to pay ! Thanks for the many years of great fun and affordability .

  • Chiva

    Hi team Red,

    I’ve been around in PC gaming for 3 great years now…wonder why I sticked to my Xbox and PS3 from 2002 ’til 2013… Anyway I currently own a PC which was upgraded last year with a GeForce 980, as time passes I now know for a fact that your rival loves to come up with great products at a high price at launch, then to gradually diminish performance through time with poorly optimized drivers and poorly utilized GPU potential thanks to a last gen memory which is even more bottlenecked by its narrow bus width. HBM on Fiji based graphics cards seems to offer a great new technology which can open PC Gaming to a new era of true to life graphics and VR. However I holded for a year to be able to appreciate HBM in its true form, I mean by that HBM2. The upcoming Vega architecture excites me to the highest degree, and seems to have a trully breathtaking power to offer. My next CPU, according to your demos, would likely be a Zen-based SR7 on an AM4 platform, combined with the highest performing offering of the Vega line. I hope to learn more on Zen and Vega and look forward to New Horzon.

    Thanks for innovating in a now behind us era of CPU and GPU monopoly and thanks for allowing us gamers, but also the developers to beneficiate from your innovations which show that competition and great engeneering are the engine of progress.

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