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Behold the next breakthrough in smooth PC gaming. AMD FreeSync™ technology puts an end to choppy gameplay and broken frames with fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate. AMD FreeSync enables this incredible experience by synchronizing the update rate of a compatible display to the frames-per-second of your Radeon™ GPU. This synchronization puts an end several undesirable and distracting issues that have plagued PC gaming for over 20 years.



Low Framerate Compensation (LFC)

LFC is an exciting new feature of Radeon Software that effectively extends the refresh rate range of many AMD FreeSync™ technology-compatible displays, enabling pristinely smooth gaming down to 30 FPS or less. Many popular AMD FreeSync™-ready monitors automatically use LFC when Radeon Software Crimson Edition (or later) is installed. Learn more about LFC.


AMD FreeSync™ Over HDMI®

Radeon™ graphics and AMD FreeSync™ technology have historically used DisplayPort™ to enable smooth gaming on nearly 90 compatible monitors. In 2016, AMD made smooth PC gaming even more accessible with a unique extension that enables AMD FreeSync™ over HDMI®. Through close technical collaboration with Acer, LG, and Samsung, a growing range of new monitors are already compatible with FreeSync™ over HDMI®. For a complete list of compatible monitors, check out this page under the “Monitors” tab.


In Perfect Sync

PC gaming has always been a contest between GPU rendering and monitor update rates. Even solutions designed to help, like Vertical Synchronization (VSync), can create issues of their own, like reduced mouse responsiveness, jerky motion, and lower frames-per-second. AMD FreeSync™ technology resolves those issues, delivering buttery smooth gameplay and no artificially reduced framerates. Our groundbreaking hardware/software platform, built upon industry-standard DisplayPort™ Adaptive-Sync, enables many AMD APUs and GPUs to directly control the update rate of a compatible monitor. The upshot? The monitor updates the moment a new picture is ready, giving gamers unbelievably smooth, responsive, tearing-free games.[ii]


Putting the Free in FreeSync™

Once again AMD made gaming history – with the world’s first virtually “zero-cost” technology to enable perfectly smooth gameplay with no costly proprietary hardware, royalties, or licensing costs. That means monitors with AMD FreeSync™ technology deliver perfectly smooth gaming for nearly $300 less than comparable displays with competing technologies.[iii] So even on a budget, you have more cash for what really matters: FPS!

If you’re interested in reading even more about AMD FreeSync™ technology, check out the whitepaper on this technology.


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