To all eager gamers clamoring to get their hands on a Radeon™ RX Vega after its launch, there’s a chance for you to get one.

This one isn’t just any Radeon RX Vega GPU. It’s an exclusive, one-of-a-kind version—because it’s signed by Raja Koduri himself, Senior VP and Chief Architect of Radeon Technologies Group.

All you have to do is follow this sweepstakes’ steps below:

Radeon RX Vega Holocube Sweepstakes

Easy! Make sure you enter before August 18 when these sweepstakes close, and be sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more on Radeon RX Vega.

Annie Lee, Marketing and Communications Specialist for the Radeon Technologies Group at AMD. Her postings are her own opinions and may not represent AMD’s positions, strategies, or opinions. Links to third party sites and references to third party trademarks are provided for convenience and illustrative purposes only. Unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such links, and no third party endorsement of AMD or any of its products is implied.


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  • Aaron swayze

    I would take this video card to the max in game play and eited videos if. I got this

    • Al

      You can also use it for spelling/grammar lessons also!

      • op

        Nice double use of the word ‘also’.

      • Ben Buccino

        You said “also” twice.

        • Jay Bruce

          Brilliant Banter! Poor Aaron was probably typing equivalent of tongue tied by the cutting-edge card on offer, and here you are callously cutting him up like a pathologist while you perform a grammar postmortem on his post.

          • Tandin Lipson

            He was remarking of Al’s use of the word also twice in his comment that was insulting Aaron’s spelling and grammar.

      • Bobbert

        Perhaps English isn’t Aaron’s primary language?

    • God

      You will play Solitaire and watch your PC blow up ! Get Real !

      • magicfingers

        but at least you’ll get to play Solitaire at 3 billion frames a second until it does

    • Dan Chandler

      Tbh I’ve never owned an nvidia graphics card. I have always gamed on AMD. I started out with a r7 250 and had that until the rx series was announced. I saved up and bought the 460 and no joking on the way home my car broke down which led to me having to return the card being short on repair money. But i didn’t give up, I saved again, and i found an amazing deal on a 470 (after rebate)! So upgrading to Vega would mean the world to me as a person who lives paycheck to paycheck. Thank you AMD for the even the chance to enter to win this card.

      • gasper6201

        hah no joking but you have some good grphics all i have and im not lying but its a radeon hd 6450 1gb ddr3

        • bota

          gasper same over hear how did u know ?

      • gasper6201

        i cant wait to see who wins well if its not me than another couple of years with me radeon hd 6450 saphire 1 gb ddr3 and i have no idea why i have the silent one its just and overheating machine

      • laking-gamer

        i still have an r7 250

    • Yusuf

      Hope I win. I’m on a real budget for my gaming rig and it’s the first time for me to so yeah.

    • Ange Young

      I used AMD card for several years,and I WANT to get a RX VEGA card to replace my old r9 280 thx.

    • 微热字母菌

      i love amd!

  • Aaron swayze

    To take my gaming. To next level

    • Senol

      I’m waiting……….

  • Geonik72

    How would you reply to everyone saying vega is a flop?

  • John

    So the actual launch date is August 18th. Amazing. Vega needs 400W to be at 1.6ghz, performs worst than a 200W GTX 1080 and is 15 months late.

    Who Inb4 comment deleted.

    • Njebs Mac

      If ur going to brigade ur nvidiot nonsense on an and sight then please visit r/AyyMD to be enlightened

    • James

      The top-end Vega has a maximum TDP of 350w (not 400w), but that’s with the water cooler which takes up a lot of power. The other cards have a maximum of 190w (56) and 290w (64).
      At least get your facts straight if you’re going to shit talk.

    • Jay Bruce

      I’d love to benchmark this card against the 1080ti in my desktop just now…

      • jango dracor

        atleast you can afford a 1080ti i have a 550ti

    • HAL9000

      It would be kinda cynical, if he were to win.

  • Fernando Silva

    Just amd to leave my Games at maximum performance

  • Bruno Fagulha

    I´m painfully waiting for Vega since last year… please make it count Make it memorable.

  • Alvaro

    I would utilize this card to have a balance for my design and gaming ryzen build. I want to push the limits of my design on autocad, as I am an electrical engineering student, and also push my gaming to the max possible.

  • Arun kumar Gande

    Collectors edition

  • Stephen

    Hi,, I have been saying for so long that Radeon plays smooth and FPS are not that important most of times. I would love to have this card or any card. 🙂

  • Alaattin YILDIRIM

    my first pc has amd and i always choose amd build all my 4 pcs. i want to reach new level with ryzen and vega. #AMDforever #AMDforFUTURE

  • Sai Krishan Kumar

    I hope I win >.<

    • Taui

      Every other contestant hopes you don’t. 😛

  • Mark Jones

    Fingers Crossed would save me a fortune when I get around to a new build. I could actually push 144fps at 1440 on my Freesync BenQ . Rather than 60/70 using a RX 480 currently.

  • Steven Lavaux

    To bring back to life a full Red-Team Computer ! #oldschool

    • Jay Bruce

      If I win this I’m gonna build a threadripper rig to plug it into 🙂

  • Anderson Franciscarto


    FX 8150

    RX 460 4G

    New PC

    FX 8150


    I Love AMD

    • amdfan

      hope they at least give you ryzen if you win

    • Lorenz Eichelsdoerfer

      Do us all a favour and upgrade youre cpu to an r51600 or something. The bottleneck is real.

    • Liam Moriarty

      Sounds like a bottleneck my dude.

      • Juan Carlos

        maybe get a least a ryzen 5 1400, new motherboard and new memory to use a gpu like this, an fx 8150 is a huge bottleneck to any good gpu

      • Tommy Nauman

        It will bottleneck, but it will still push the FX to the max. I’ve got an FX-8370 and if i got a good card, its as simple as trading in my mobo, ram. and cpu and spend $150 tops on updated Ryzen compatible parts and a Ryzen 5.

      • secretqwerty10

        totally. at least not as much as my A10-7850K

      • dev_Severance

        True, first gen FX chips were not really good enough.
        I got myself a FX6300 and its still rocking with some vcore increments, but those Bulldozer cores you got, ouch, they were rough mate. And even the 2nd gen Piledrivers are struggling nowadays, performing roughly like an i3

        Listen to Liam, if you get your hands on this card, balance out your system

    • Allen Brodess

      an 8150 would bottleneck the hell out of this gpu…you need to upgrade to ryzen before it’d even mean anything to you…

  • Chequered_slovakia

    So pretty :O will go great with my new Ryzen System!

  • Geovane Estanislau

    Hey Raja, I never asked for anything.

    • Adrian COrtes

      Hahahahahaha this dude

  • Geovane

    Hey Raja, I never asked for anything.

  • Bernard Pastorella

    Team Red All the Way

  • Roger Mayer

    I jumped ship from Radeon to Nvidia. Now ready to go back.

    • Tobias Andersson

      i wanted a nice grapich card for my 3440*1440 monitor so i had to buy a nvidia card and im not happy about it now i want a radeon card so i can use freesync! sad i dont have enough money now to buy one after i bought my loud vacumcleaner from nvidia.

      you would make me so happy if you made me switch back to radeon very fast!

  • Rafael Gustavo Rebonato do Valle

    I will use it with Threadripper 16 core, 32 threads for Maya + Unity3D + After Effects content creating plus some game on the spare time!

  • Edmyr Dumdum

    It’s an honor to win this one-of-a-kind GPU signed Sensei Raja himself. Kudos to the Radeon Technologies Group this year. This is a splash!

  • David

    It will be icing on the cake for my 1800x system

  • Eladio Hernandez

    I would brag to my friends and rivals because I am competitive and love new technology!

  • levi

    time to upgrade that tri-x fury with more Radeon muscle.

  • Gian Pluchino from Venezuela

    RX VEGA It’s the last link I need to complete my dev-rig, And take my country to another level of design, Good job AMD!!!

  • w ward

    Go Red team can’t wait to get my hands on a RX Vega XT, I just sold my two RX480 8Gb cards. I have had all ATi High end cards from the days of HD4850 512Mb and never looked back!

  • Josh

    Perfect to go with my Ryzen 7 buy next Month.

  • Vi

    I would replace my RX 560 with Vega and rock it.

  • Troy J Leonard

    I really need this to Pair with my Ryzen 1700. I am currently using a Sapphire R9 390 Nitro.

  • Marlon Mori Alvarez

    Always supporting AMD, innovating in everything. I would like to win that graph, I have everything AMD: D

  • daniel

    would totaly love to win one

  • Syahril Baharuddin

    For Gameing to the max

  • Ricardo Gomes

    VEGA…it was always difficult to pass that level…but nothing impossible… after a couple days/weeks finally managed to pass over Vega… I’m just remembering the good old times spent with street Fighter, about 20 years ago. So I’m hopping for the 2017 Vega to pass the level again…because nothing is impossible… few days or even few weeks??? Does not really matter if I can remember the good oltimes in 20years from now…. so pass it over…please

  • Eduardo Godoy

    Would not mine with it.

  • Robert Smith

    To enhance my gaming experience !

  • Sagar Gurung

    This GPU must be fire, (y) 😀

  • Andrew

    Been waitng for Rx vega wining this would be a dream come ture,
    good luck everyone

  • Paulenski

    I hope Vega brings some new innovations with all of the shader and rasterizer engine changes!

  • Drew

    If I were lucky enough to be graced with such a card, I don’t think I could even bring myself to take it out of a glass case. I’d just buy another RX Vega, and drool, while looking at this one.

  • Kenneth

    Would be great to have for my amd build to start 3d creations.

  • Arian Dale Cua

    I’ve been waiting for months to get a decent video card but it’s all out of stock and my monitor is freesync. this is the only way for me to enjoy gaming the amd way.

  • Abdoul Yoro Diop

    To the earth born You
    To the heart love You
    To the game play Me

  • Bas Suurmond

    For me Next level gaming experience can only be achieved by AMD’s newest VEGA cards, Looking forward for worldclass gaming preformance 🙂

  • Icywolfe

    I would love to get this to replace my GTX 1080ti.

  • Danny Wong

    Go AMD. Up to $20 by year end!
    Need a video card for my new RYZEN 7 1700 build

  • Bhut Jolokia

    I would love to get this card but the important question is: Does it also come with a signed t-shirt?

  • Dimon

    So AMD i givin one card?

  • Andrey Valkov

    After years of working and serving in the military i will finally be able to play games like i did when i was a teenager.
    Thank you amd for making the best pc parts in the world

  • Jignesh Beladiya

    I want to upgrade my PC and this GPU will improve it to the next level (and that level is beyond my imagination).

  • Hermes

    My new AMD build: Ryzen 1600, Samsung 960 Evo 500GB, MSI B350 TOMAHAWK , G-Skill Ripjaws DDR4-2400 8GBx2 , Seasonic G-650 , Zalman Z9 Neo Black.

    CrossOver Ultrawide 3440×1440 AH-IPS FreeSync 47Hz-95Hz Gaming Monitor

    All for half the asking price of going Intel or Nvidia. Thanks AMD !!

  • Sotiris

    Awesome!Keep up the good work and keep making awesome stuff! Hope to win! 🙂

  • hussain

    My 2500 system is about to die. Sure this would lessen the impact on my wallet if I can have this.

  • Debaprabha Mondal

    Amd rocks as always. Always better than crappy nvidiea

  • Syed Saheeb Ahmed

    I’d love to own one since it is a beautiful piece of art. Mad respect to it’s creator. Appreciate this chance to build a great rig for the first time with such a lovely AMD device! 🙂 Thank you.

  • kalindimitrov

    I want to play with vulkan and async compute, I’m a developer

  • Sayantan Chatterjee

    This is gonna make editing fast, waaaaay better than my potato lol


    I’m still on an HD7870 that died, but got revived from the oven!

  • Kernel Debugger

    Ryxen 1800X and a Nvidia GPU = Need Vega!

  • Razvan Dumitru Pirvu

    This card would be perfect for my new Ryzen and freesync monitor build.

  • David Castaneda

    It would be awesome to win or atleast have chance to be picked for something like this. I would definitely like to stress test it.

  • Luka

    Id probably sell it and use the money to buy my son bunch of toys

  • Jack S.

    now that’s a worthy giveaway!
    good luck everyone 🙂

  • KGaming

    Always used AMD and will never stop.

  • Artem

    I am Russian and via 3-4week i buy Ryzen and will be nice also get RX Vega

  • Bill Sweetser

    I have waited, for what seems to be a life time, for this Radeon™ RX Vega GPU to complete a fabulous and lasting AMD PC build.

  • Eko Prasetyo

    It will be my treasure and family heirloom

  • Param

    Need a powerful gpu for mining and gaming.

  • Alexander

    RX Vega Dream, and dreams should come true …

  • sami371

    I want to fck up my friends cuz they always laugh of me because i have rx 460 and they have gtx 1070 and 1060.. that would be nice vs a 1060/1070

  • Max

    would replace my 290s cause they need much power and run around 90°C

  • Benjámin Dénes

    Intel is dead and from the ashes AMD has Ryzen! (Vega too)

  • Uriah Wilkie-Harvey

    Neeed neeed neeed! I need this more than my morning coffee :'(

  • Andy

    Pretty sure I could overclock this Raja signed marvel up to 2 GHz!!! xD

  • Devesh Yadav

    I want this card so bad!! Relive of my misery and give it to me!😱😱

  • leo

    Hopefully I am able to win this ground breaking piece of technology

  • Richard

    holy sh*t i wonder is it more powerful than the titan xp?

  • Ivan

    AMD has been king of budget PC market since forever and will always be, my PC is made of AMD parts all the way and im loving it. VEGA is the future NOW!!!

  • Edward McDonagh

    I’m looking to build a PC because I AM SICK OF INTEL! Thank GOD for RYZEN CPUs SO, it would be AWESOME to WIN!!

  • Glen Aganon

    I would really love to have one ☺️☺️

    I am currently using a RX 480

  • Richard

    AMD is winning against nivida

  • Nathan Willis

    will use in my first custom built pc. (thas not built yet)

  • John P. Dela Cruz

    this is good if I win it Im just using a 950 for streaming would be great to have one

  • Adit

    Try my luck for this video card.. cuz its look amazing..

  • Andrew

    I would love this card im currently stuck on integrated graphics and it whould help my work a lot.

  • Michael Schellinger

    It would be tremendous to with and to build with this my new pc.

  • Edward McDonagh

    I’m looking to build a PC because I AM SICK OF INTEL! Thank GOD for RYZEN CPUs SO, it would be AWESOME to WIN!! GO TEAM RED!!

  • Shawn

    It would go great with my brand new Ryzen CPU and I will finally be able to game in 4K without my computer crying the whole time. And I would also be able to play 1600×900 with more than 60 FPS with my friends in games like GTA V. It would fit perfectly in my new computer, and I could admire it every time I use it through the beautiful window in my case.

  • James

    This is an awsome card to go with my upcoming ryzen 3 build this chrismas if i dont win ill just use my 1050 ti i have

  • Steven L

    Can’t wait for benchmarks and reviews. I need a powerful card to power my free sync WQHD monitor. I hope it can match the 1080 ti performance rather than price.

  • Ben Cook

    I would use this card till Navi comes out then keep it on my shelf on display, looks too beautiful to sell, no thanks 🙂

  • Tmx

    I will Ln2 this thing… If i win that is.

  • Julien Stengel

    Nice show off at ltx

  • Gameial

    I’d cherish this GPU forever. Raja rules, so having his John Handcock on a Vega GPU would totally RULE!

  • Rylee

    What else am I supposed to say other then I hope I win cause all I got is a 750ti admit it all of you are writing a comment cause you think it will Increase your odds of getting Vega and that’s why I am writing one XD

  • Paul Quides

    I would like to get on of these RX vega to level up my gaming experience and also enhance my productivity in 3D modelling and designing. This would be a perfect card for me.

  • Lukas

    To crear more awsome stuff and push AMD cause you guys are awsome. 😀

  • Rodrigo

    Can a man have the pleasure to see Lara Croft amazing hair on ultra? I think so!

  • Richard J. Couture

    I’ve used AMD video cards since the ATI days. And I Want to play more than ever on the new Radeon Vega

  • Corey Smith

    I would cry tears of joy if I could get my hands on this card…

  • Keshav lokheeram

    The more , the better it is . That’s Amd .

  • Shantanu

    If I win the giveaway I would use It to edit the crap out of my videos

  • jurjen van rijs

    looks pretty smacksy

  • Juan Carlos

    The best card for my Ryzen

  • kumar avinash

    Gonna ditch My existing Blue with a Vega….. No more monopoly!

  • Sonu

    Getting Myself A New Ryzen Pc Next Month…Would Be Really Awesome If WON VEGA…:D FULL ON AMD

  • Thomas

    I would get anywhere I need with Radeon rx on may way of living of future with that card brings to the world!!!

  • tony8033

    damn maybe i can finally get rid of my nvidia gt 630 XD

  • Philip Cooper

    I want this for my gaming shed!

  • Shantanu

    If I win the giveaway I could not wait to see those smooth FPS no’s on my Monitor

  • Rodney Mate


  • Tejinder

    Got 3 PC’s having my first phenom II processor and FX series processor. And my third which i build includes ryzen 1500x and i gotta say, Damn good performance…i compared i5 4690k with my ryzen…. Intel i5 not even close to it.

  • That Guy

    Totally gonna play Minecraft with this if I win ;).

  • Ni-tit Nuktrangsan

    i really want this vega to replace my 1050ti for my system

  • Labib abdullah

    Rx vega #DreamComeTrue#120fps

  • Shantanu

    Iove you Amd and Indian people inIt

  • kal

    This card is a beast and it should have to beast gamer like me

  • Carl Botha

    I really need a new graphics card, I’m building my very first computer and a graphics card is all i need. This would be amazing

  • Ashok

    Gonna get my hands on my first ever amd build soon. Will need one of these.

  • Ithuriel

    AMD is for the people, not the money unlike their blue and green counterparts …

  • Tabrez Momin

    AMD you guys are awesome

  • Anto

    My Ryzen 7 1700 with RX Vega? Damn that will be GREATT

  • Bimo

    once you get this one. you might never have to buy any VGA anymore..

  • Kumar Piyush

    I just want to have it on my desk and stare at it all my life

  • Riley

    It would really help me because ive been a big fan of amd for a while and ive just started making a new pc and not having to worry about the gpu would be great

  • Steven

    I love AMD . Rx vega isaya number 1

  • Yindave

    I would use this card to play the f*ck out of minecraft on a fullhd monitor.

  • Nour El-Deen

    I have a lonely gtx 745 and I want to take my gaming experience seriously and join team red.

  • Chris

    I need some RX Vega in my life please. LOL

  • Ciobotaru Radu

    Would like to win would be a nice upgrade from my gtx 660

  • christian

    would really love to pair it up with my phenom ii 555 and upgrade it would cost less if iv’e won it <3

  • Burly

    This would be a really nice start to finally build my new pc. I can imagine the work that can be done with this card but also, the games!

  • Fred Crowe

    This is ALL IN NEED!!!

  • John Austin Gregson

    Man the next 19 days are gonna be the longest days of my life!

  • Loc duong

    the first Vega in Việt NAm !

  • Oscar Solorzano

    I’d complement my beautiful R7 1700 AMD workstation!

  • Gene Crowe

    I might not have to spend half my budget on a high end GPU.

  • Kenneth D. Mattson

    AMD for life..

  • kwang ho lee

    hope you guys the best

  • Brae

    my r9 390x has done me well, but vega will do me even better kappa

  • andre starbac

    i just want a new gpu for my work in progress pc that i think is bad but idk

  • NiX

    Winning this card would definitly made my life for a few years,it sounds ridicilous but I would finaly be able to afford pc.That’s what i would do

  • Gaanesh

    Time to upgrade my pc with the new RX Vega

  • Nick Collins Jr

    Glad to see team red doing so well. Hope I’m lucky enough to get my hands on one.

  • Joseph Wagstaff

    I’m still running a HD 6970 on my computer :'(
    Have pity on me.

  • Roberto Liaci

    i just buy a zotac 1080 amp extreme let me know that i did a big error. From italy

  • Tevin

    J’aimerai vraiment beaucoup l’avoir, cela me ferait super plaisir !

  • Butcher Of Blaviken

    even geralt of rivia wants one 🙂

  • Fester

    Looking good AMD, looking very good!

  • Kalvin

    If I get this card I will leave rude and snobby comments on Nvidia’s website.

  • joe shadar

    just built a pc with the ryzen 1600 and rx 580 4gb if i got this card it would be insane!

  • Steven

    I would, simply not have to game on the lowest graphic settings anymore. I have upgraded all but my GPU and honestly I don’t even have one I use intel graphics. If I win this it would save me a lot of money on upgrading, and I can buy a great monitor.

  • Paulius

    I like AMD.
    Sometimes thay make good stuff 🙂

  • Yuki

    I wonder the performance it will make if it were running on crossfire.

  • Dillan Norton

    This will be a welcome upgrade from my AMD 390

  • Patrick Ewalt

    MAKING SOME NOISE! Great job this past year @AMD @RADEON. Raja, can hardly wait for your baby, Navi. Vega should keep our appetites satisfied for the time being! Good luck and best wishes at the Announcement tomorrow! I’ll be trying to watch at 7PM PDT. Again, Great job! 17.7.2 BTW, After intensive testing the new TurboSync… great performance and spot on accuracy, and most benches up in scores… Keep kick’n @$$!

  • goofempire

    i would really love RX vega because it’ll allow me to enjoy gaming again after my financial woes

  • Dragos Bacitea

    I would like to get this GPU because i’m waiting for a long time for Vega and will switch from team Green Nvidia to team Red AMD with this oportunity

  • Friedrich Guenther

    My Rig:
    AMD Ryzen 7 1700
    HD 7870

    Looking to upgrade to Vega anytime soon, if I should win or not.

  • Dougie

    Always had AMD (and previously ATi) cards, and I always will! cant wait to see what they come up with next

  • joe

    A card to enjoy all the latest games oh yeah

  • Jonathan ng

    Have full confidence that I’m gonna win this and play games on it 😎

  • Moses

    I can’t wait to get Vega, especially when I finish building my new Ryzen gaming rig. 😀

  • Jits Cnossen

    Nice card…please give it to me!

  • barry

    Does arrayfire work with this, I have been having massive trouble just getting it to work (i have 1 working install out of 4) with the older pre 580 amd cards.

  • Jeffery Johnson

    To have the highest performance graphics card to date.

  • Elvis Jason 1

    Really hype for this

  • Hiranmoy Lahiri

    I would be so lucky to replace my faulty Rx card to go with my new Ryzen. God knows I can’t afford it.

  • elfos

    Just bought R5 1600 is it enough

  • Toxe98

    For my new ryzen 1600 build i think this rx vega wanna looks very good in this build

  • Cedric

    I have to be honest. When I first got into tech back in March, the very first company I heard about was AMD. The hype on Vega. I didn’t know what to make of it (As again I was new) but I decided to join the hype train. 4 months later, after loads of research and trying my best to learn everything, I am now super hyped for Vega but anyways, good luck to everybody that entered!

  • Abhinav Saprey

    This Radeon RX Vega would be awesome for my rig !! And to have it signed by Raja would be an icing on the cake!!

  • Emir Misel


  • Daniel

    I am currently building a brand new rig and this card would be amazing!

  • James Nelson

    I’m a A+ certified HS senior who does everything PC. I finished my first personal build earlier this year, which i am proud to declare is an AMD FX 8350 OC’d. However, what I’m NOT proud of for two obvious reasons is my GTX 750 ti. And although my birthday is coming up in August, I won’t have enough for even a 480. I hope to win and go red all the way.

  • Michael

    I don’t really care if I win or not I will own one of these cards soon

  • Domingo Hernandez

    Please help a Venezuelan in this time of crisis, with this I can work, and spread the word of AMD

  • John Paul

    I really need this for my new pc build

  • Mandar

    Well I don’t have pc lol.. not console either. I’m happy watching videos only. Hhh.

  • Leon Barnes

    AMD kicks blue button right back to the big bang !!

  • Kalvin

    If I win this card I will write angry letters to Intel every day.

  • SuperSic

    shut up and take my kidney

  • Raven Andrew Rubio


  • TheRIddick

    Looks good. Will it be a worthy upgrade to the FuryX? we will see.

  • Joel

    To finally be able to use mi freesync monitor at 144hz 1440p! Game on!

  • Aaron Dean

    I am so disappointed that I am to young
    (at least I wouldn’t have a show at winning anyway)

  • Mihai

    If I win, it would replace my A10 5800k cpu and gtx 650 because I need to upgrade.

  • Yoav Sarfaty

    Being one of the first people to have a radeon vega card would be awesome. Having that cars signed by Raja Koduri would be that much awesomer!

  • Brandon T Roberts

    I am just so happy AMD is BACK!!

  • David Bere

    Cos AMD Vega rocks

  • Alexandros Sophocleous

    Oops I won

  • Mattijs

    Would save a college student a load of money

  • Latifi Yasser

    i d like this card
    i realy need it <3

  • phakaphon

    I’m using a 480 and 580 in crossfire right now I would replace it with vega tho lol #red team #rx vega #amd fans boy

  • sean

    need this to upgrade my 290x xD

  • Rajeev

    Let it be me I have been and for life 😢😢

  • Richard

    GoTeamRed! So excited to build an AMD exclusive machine!

  • John V

    This will bring my ryzen PC to the next level

  • Austin

    If I got this card it would fit in so well with my amd build I’m working on at the moment.

  • Rajeev

    Let it be me..🙋🙋
    I have been AMD for life…

  • Christopher Skidmore

    I’m a new PC gamer. I’ve been a console gamer for years but now that I’m in collage for Graphic Design I’m more interested in PC gaming and hope to win this Amazing Card!

  • kushal

    i am very poor so please give this to me.

  • Sean Batti

    AMD…. AMD…… AMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE AMD MY COMPUTER HAS AMD AND ALL I NEEED IS VEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really though vega would be cool…. VEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMD AMD AMD AMD AMD AMD

  • Nitai levi

    Hey my name is nitai and on my “gmaying Pc” i have a video card from 1990 and every time i try to run doom the computer shut down and i really need a good video card like this because i do not have money to buy a new one

  • Jeremiah R Wooten

    Already using freesync in my monitors. Vega would be the perfect edition to my GPU-less system.

  • Nad.Muk

    I would love to have a RX Vega GPU in my computer. I recently bought a Ryzen R5 1600 cpu and was planning to pair it with an rx470 or rx480. However, I simply can’t afford them, as they are selling for much higher than the msrp as they have a high demand from cryptocurrency miners. I bought a Freesync monitor because I thought I would have an Radeon GPU. So I am looking for a AMD card.

  • Zeehan Akhtar Mohammed

    So good to see Team Red back in action. Just like old times :’D

  • Ashutosh Patel

    My system crashes when ever i play nfs on it
    its 4gb radeon i7

    i bet even this card couldn’t handle my game play.

    and i am a graphics designer and i really appreciate my RADEON’s speed
    and its rendering time.

  • Blank Hero

    Raja Koduri… Thank you for being an innovator and for bringing Radeon™ RX Vega to us. With AMD’s Ryzen™ Threadripper™, this will bring gaming and content creating to a whole new level. Can’t wait for the release!

  • david tell

    i never win nothing if i do this time it would be the best day of my life

  • Ese Vato

    This card looks and sounds like a total monster, I bet it would kill in 4K \m/

  • Clark Renacia


  • Rostig 180

    If i get the Vega i will play Fallout 4 on Ultra with 150 mods

  • Brother

    this much be dast in render videos

  • Kiran

    Will I make my first Gaming Pc Using VEGA?? Only Time Will Tell. Toe Crossed.

  • Zdenko Šušmelj

    Would this completely make my year, possibly my decade? Yes. Would I run this card to the max? Of course. What would I mostly use it for? 3D rendering, AFX, VFX and mostly editing videos for my own youtube channel (Which is slowly growing! (: )

  • jason

    guess its time ro try team red really need a upgrade only have a gtx 750ti

  • Mehebub

    I always dreamt of a beast pc but I don’t have any kind of money with me if I win I would get my dream build

  • Jarrod Thompson

    Never won anything before would be cool to win this to help upgrade my gaming pc

  • Tandin Lipson

    if i win i’ll probably just sell it for a ton and buy a full amd powered pc with the money

  • ThePrayofHeroes

    I had amd my hole life long and i nerver had problems with it would love to see the vega gpu in my new amd razer build *-*

  • lip

    if i get this card, i will take my gaming to the next big boss :v

  • Neeraj Jayesh Upadhyay

    I will love if i have it, im in college making up myself for gaming and animation, well of course for playing games…
    AMD all the way ₹

  • Adam Percy

    AMD have blown the market wide open, long may it continue

  • Nico Siitonen

    My Ryzen 7 1700x and R9 fury trixx needs a friend

  • Avi Singh

    my new pc will b Ryzen 1600 nd RX vega hell yeah…lv amd frm INDIA

  • Johan

    I have potato graphics.

    Please help !

  • Arfid Immanuel

    LinusTechTips brought me here might as well win this sooo… i hope i can win

  • Nic

    I waited yers to amd comeback
    Haveing that card would be epic

  • Obaid Aslam

    I have a Devil 13 390×2 signed by Amd’s Vice President! This Vega would just take my collection to a whole new level! I have babied my 390×2! Best Card Ever Owned! ALL HAIL AMD! TEAM RED! ❤

  • Alex

    This can’t be true 😀

  • Chaitanya Sharma

    If I get it I will be willing to sleep with my pc for rest of my life
    I would be satisfied and full of happiness
    After that I will max the shit out of the card and live like my life is in the card
    And probably after that I will review it and have a happy life ever after

  • Jan Jordan

    I just need this. Video editing is my life, but my pc is so slow now, that it makes it so hard, that i cant really work

  • Francis Abarca

    To make me move again back to AMD technology.

  • Bruce Payet

    Have the AMD team sign all over the card before they give it out…

  • Rizal nugraha

    I really really want this card!! I cant feel ultra settings because of my card😣


  • Anndro Steven Ramos


  • Swapnil Kumar

    I would take this card and run max fps on minesweeper.

  • Daniel Zrnic

    I would really love to have this one with my new FreeSync monitor. AMD never ceases to amaze me.

  • Sterling Holland

    If I win this in all honesty is probably sell it due to needing a surgery and the only surgeon that accepts my insurance with in a 1,500 mile radious has a 6+ month waiting time and each day is pure hell until I get the surgery. Even now I’m in too much pain to be able to play any computer games for more then a few minutes here and there.

  • Nevada Meikle

    I dont have a graphics card in my Dell 7010 yet, i was planning to get something from Nvidia, but Linus Tech Tips on Youtube said there was one going for free on this site, so i thought i would try my luck here first 🙂

  • brett masters

    i need this for my new amd build and i do not have a gpu at all to use in it

  • Forefront

    ey, I did it! Would definitely pick red team for my new build. Intel, you disappointed me.

  • Matthew Belfield

    I’m building a Ryzen 5 based gaming rig, and I don’t have a video card to put in it yet, so this would be oh so sweet!

  • adam jackson

    A card worthy of replacing my fury 😀

  • Peter Bang

    Finally with this I can play minecraft in 4K with mods enabled. Take that XboneX

  • Vicky Clive Lewis

    It’s a collector’s edition. One of a kind. Must have.

  • Leon Barnes

    AMD…Kicking Blue Team’s butt right back to the Big Bang!!!!

  • Roko Petrina

    I just builded my first pc like 2 moths ago i was on a budget and i know amd gives more for the money that is wha i have fx6100 procesor and a r7 250x in the start the graphic card was good but now it is a bit slugis i hope i win the rx vega so that i can upgrade my pc

  • Nomolos UK

    It’s wonderful to see Team Red on the up and up again 🙂 I am looking forward to getting my hands-on Vega and starting 4k gaming finally.

  • MKPeak

    Switched from Intel to a Ryzen core for my new PC.Please let me match the CPU and GPU. It would be beautiful.

    Either way thanks for the best CPU I have ever had.

  • Mike w

    Would love this video card to help with my YouTube channel.

  • James Metcalf

    I would love to convert back to team Red with this card!

  • Sparkus

    I would love to use this to take my pc gamming to the next level

  • Mike Hockridge

    Really would love this card.

  • Mike D

    I need this so I can get laid!!!

  • Peter

    My 290x has held up great these 5 years or something but I crave for more.

  • Aravindan.A C

    Give me that Beauty!!!!!!!! AMD

  • Brodie Tanzer

    Always been a fan of team red but have never had a good reason to shift over but now I do.

  • aimen zaied

    My specs
    Core 2 duo e4600
    Nvidia gt210
    3gb ram
    CRT monitor
    I was gonna say u know the feeling but no u don’t.

  • Fabrizio

    Hope the cringe was worth it.

  • Josh perignon

    i would love to push this card as far as I possibly possibly can

  • Manuel Jaen

    Even if I dont get this card I’m going to buy it,
    It is time to change…

  • Torbjørn Stokland Hagen

    Would love to swap out my long lived XFX 7970 Black Edition with an RX Vega limited edition.

  • Oscar Beltran

    I would utilize this card to make a perfect balance with my Ryzen build and take my gaming and desing to another level, it would be the best for me because i’m an electrical engeeneering student and would help me with my projects.

  • Ron Jayson

    I really need this right now! haha. I’m here right now at the store buying a new AMD RYZEN RIG.

  • Josh perignon

    I would love to finally get a better gaming experience than my friend and test his card to the max

  • Avi

    Being a gamer I know what maximum details in greater fps means. In order to achieve it there is nothing better than AMD. So I want to get my hands on Raedon Rx vega.

  • Alexey

    PLS Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls Pls

  • Cesar

    I WOuld love to get my hands on one :O

  • Shane Richard van der Merwe


  • Shane Richard van der Merwe


  • Mattias Pettersson

    This would be perfect for me to get back into AMD as i changed to Nvidia due to the rx480s low performance ;/ currently rocking a gtx 1070

  • Nikola

    Vega have an entirely new technology that will change everything!!!

  • Richard Jones

    This would be amazing to pair with my Ryzen 1600x! I LOVE MY AMD PC!!!

  • Mayur

    it would be great for my work

  • Subho Majumder

    super hyped updated from AMD Phenom 955 be to R5 1600
    still using a HD 5850 lol
    rx vega would be a super super nice update

  • Ashwin Prakash

    Currently own a laptop with radeon r5 m430 which offers great perfomance at the price compared to others .
    Would love to use vega on my new dream pc

  • Legend27

    What a card, keep it uppp

  • niihelium

    Going to compute universe evolution with OpenCL on this baby

  • Paul Vincent Salvador

    I will use this card for 3d rending software like blender and to play some triple a titles if i win

  • Satish

    I will enjoy it in my own way

  • David Lössner

    Nice to see the RX Vega now after months of waiting! (Its really time) to kick off my MSI-RADEON HD 2600 XT ;/
    I see light on the end of this long tunnel of graphic cards choices!
    >>> Make AMD great again! <<<

  • Daniel Rimmer

    I have been using the RX 460 4gb for a while now as it was all I can afford currently so I am still looking for an upgrade . also good work AMD on the unveiling.

  • Paul Vincent Salvador

    I will use this card for 3d rending software like blender and 3dsmax titles if i win

  • Arunkumar R

    Hope this one kills mad gamers on their chair itself. crazy spec love it

  • Diva Aldana Mustafian

    Ryzen + RX Vega is the best deal in all aspect than the green one 😀

  • Georgi

    It will be very good with my R7 1700 CPU.

  • Ovi M.

    Been an AMD fan since my day 1. With this card would worth an upgrade from my AMD FX-8350 to a RYZEN CPU.

  • Ravi

    I want this card amd..make it happen…love from india

  • Ben skewes

    I would love to win this GPU it would be amazing

  • Chris Alpogiannis

    Would go great with my 1800 🙂

  • Mohd Yuhanis Abdul Aziz

    Will be cool to build special AMD PC gaming rig

  • Sagar

    I might be very very lucky if I got this card

  • gareth knott

    This card looks amazing I so do I we need to come together sweet

  • PonteCorrea

    I need some red light in my life <3

  • José Guzmán

    I need this product to make my very own workstation for my businesses

  • Prashant

    I’m really looking farward to play on thihs beast of a graphic card.

  • Akshaj Nair

    Not gonna use Any thing other than AMD. Hope for the BEST!!!

  • John haig

    If I got this card I would build my in build computer desk that I’ve been putting off for a year now

  • DJ

    I could never ever afford this , and most likely wont win, sadly… Even though I have an ATI VGA Wonder and purchased the first Raedon 32mb! =(

    – Said using an 6350 AM3+ Underclocked

  • Dmitriy Solontsov

    I want to be vegaless!

  • Keanu

    I would use this with my current ryzen 5 1600x and complete my gaming beast

  • chicken-nugget123

    aint no way people are dogs and the meanest dog is getting it but imm shoot da d

  • El Diablo

    Whoever wins , makesure you post it here or on youtube

  • Edmunq Bong

    I would like to have this card so that my brother can get his job done faster

  • Shubhojit Banerjee

    I have an two full AMD based system.I want to experience this new gen tech personally,before anyone does.
    I’m glad to see AMD has evolved so much from 2012-2017….keep evolving…soon you’ll become the global leader in technology feild.#goteamred

  • Elvis Yordanov

    I will replace my r9 290.

  • Mehmed Can Türkoglu

    My Younger Brother wants a gaming PC but i can not aford a graphicscard for him as a Gift He would be realy Happy about getting such an awesome graphicscard 🙂

  • Mark Pearce

    My partner and I have been saving for a pair of gaming rigs. (Currently on laptops.). This card would mean we can definitely afford that purchase for this summer holiday. (I’m a Physics teacher so it’s my big time off.) instead of waiting for Christmas.

    P.s. We have already decided on B350 boards with R5 1600s (unless you bring something better out before Christmas.) so you’ll get that sale even if we don’t win. I even have CAD designs of the table I am making for the Spare Room to house the setup.

  • Claudiu

    I’m not getting a confirmation email for the entry.

  • Leo

    Glad to see AMD really pushing the edge of computer advancement and becoming a more popular (better) choice than NVIDIA. Congrats!

  • Arnab Sarma

    Need it for my first pc build

  • Olav Skjæveland Jøssing

    I am building my first pc and would love to have a vega in it

  • Nithin NS

    I will utilise this card so that I can game on it and also donate some extra horsepower to research labs

  • sangam palkar

    Redeon at the best
    I need this ryzen beast

  • Kelley

    I’m not rich, so I built a pc to replace my dead amd gpu laptop (which i actually burnt out thanks to how far i pushed it’s limits :”) a little bit ago with an AMD Fx 6350 Cpu and pushed my budget to get a gtx 1060 3gb Gpu and it’s done alright but lacks the torque I wish i had from a higher powered card. Idk if I would get a bottle neck if i won this and replaced the 1060 thanks to the age of my cpu but I’d love to upgrade to a full AMD Build and eventually, when i can, maybe get a new motherboard and upgrade to a Ryzen Cpu to maximise my gaming capabilities fully powered by Team Red.

  • John Paul Soriano

    Hype is real! Let’s go team RED! #AMD #ComebackisREAL

  • Jogijs

    I have water cooled FX 8350 and HD 7990

  • Connor Broadbent

    Wow this is truly amazing to see, I have been an AMD fan boy since I was 9 new leaps ahead like this from them is the best thing ever imaginable!! Love it!!

  • MKPeak

    Would love to see this paired with my Ryzen CPU.

    Regretting going with the other guys for the GPU.

    Team RED FTMFW.

  • Robert Wilson

    If i only ever won anything it would be great, but AMD is still the Best no Matter What.

  • Lee Haver

    This would make me believe again 🙂

  • Mimidhof

    What a good surprise…

  • Catalin Manea

    Omg…i want that card so bad !!! 2017 is the AMD year !!! AMD just killed Intel with their new products !

  • Anonymous

    I would play all the games in 16K resolution

    (Note: You can’t play games in 16K even with this beast)

  • Arijit

    Please let me have this one of a kind to make my first Desktop PC.

  • Irik

    Не подкачайте)✊

  • Ciprian

    I would use it for video editing, that’s an amazing card for sure !

  • Yeong Jiun

    I hope I’m the winner!!

  • Michelle Brodeur

    Sure could use a much much much better video card.

    KickAss is really what I need,

  • Irik

    Не подкачайте ✊ удачи))

  • Yohana

    This graphics card would do great with my Pentium. I can run mincraft easily right now

  • Abdul Ahmed Ali Muntaz

    Give me VEGA ,Give me Social Benefits, Give me Virgins,Allahakbar

  • BurbietheFish

    I need a graphics card SO BAD that I am a loser people called me loser cause I game 1080p on a GeForce 210. I need it so bad
    Lik tis if u cri evrytim and support please.

  • N-ninja

    If I had this I could finally build my dream pc, the only thing stopping me was the immense price of the gpu, goes way over my budget 🙁 but hurray to AMD I have a chance to build my dream ryzen r7 build 🙂

  • Erick Falla-Wanner

    I have been waiting forever for this card. I’m more than. Excited to get my hands on one to make my new full AMD PC a reality woth the best. AMD fan forever!

  • Angelo r felan

    I would love to win the rx vega signed edition by mr Raja Koduri for my new ryzen r7 1700x build I just finished to replace my r9 290x that I have had for years and step up to higher fps I’m a team red fan and would never put anything from green or blue team into my rig even if I don’t win ill still be buying one go amd this is your time to shine

  • Milan Stokic

    I would like to get this card, just to show team blue that AMD is back bigger and better than ever before.

  • Yassin

    Hi Raja, make my Computer great again!

  • Luke Woods

    I have never bought an Intel anything… I AM TEAM RED! AMD ALL THE WAY!

  • Tim Neufeld

    I just want it so badly…

  • Harsh singh

    Gimme this card pls

  • Poxer

    I sometimes wish I was a millionaire and start dreaming. First thing I’d do is build a few monster AMD gaming machine monsters and servers. Because RED right? No failing blue chips or burnt green slot holders. Pure AMD power!
    Anyway on top of previously mentionen things I’d build as a millionaire is a beast workstation with beefy Threadripper and RX Vega (signed!!! <3 <3 card will be used and box will be put on the wall so no one misses what I'm running)

    This is epyc!!

  • Ablon

    That’s the only missing peace of AMD heaven, to make my build complete.
    R5 1600x, x370 sli plus, and 16gb of ballistix elite and no GPU :/ …
    Make it alive AMD!

  • Salvador Gomez

    This is freaking exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Encik Manis

    I will build best gaming rig out of this… The future is fusion

  • Vaggelis Derekas

    i hope to get this card and do some serius gaming on it!!!

  • Michael saintlaurent

    Need this for my first build!!!

  • Shawn

    I been using Amd and Ati since 2001 and been a happy customer .

  • Eldho Rajan

    If I get the and Vega It would be a definite upgrade from my HD 5770 I got a year ago. AMD 4 LIFE

  • Suifu

    Good luck for everyone trying to win this card

  • Vitali Telegin

    #AMD #NewWorldOrderGaming


    Perfect for a Ryzen build! Look forward to this!

  • Arg

    The #Revolution has started! GO TEAM RED!

  • andre rocha

    i want to participate.


    Feeling awesome and above the sky thinking about it

  • Daniel

    This would make me get rid of my GTX 1060 and buy a Freesync monitor

  • shone

    Hi..i am a die hard fan for goodness.And I belive AMD is the one when it comes to gaming…….I belive I will win this card..

  • Vikas S

    May be 1 day i got this in my hands 😍

  • Damian

    My hd3870 is getting really old.
    I hope I win :3

  • KMRMania

    Its time to unleash the fury within… 🙂

  • carl mulkeen

    this would take my gaming and video footage editing to a whole new level (drone and work)

  • Tim Oliver

    So pumped on this launch!!!

  • R.Govind

    Huge congratulations on RX Vega gpu hope it’s gonna rock and kill the enemies huge congrats
    To Whole AMD Team

  • Akhilesh

    Go team red it’s now your turn

  • simon gross

    then i could finally replace my gtx1080ti that it would match my ryzen 1800x))

  • adarsh

    i would sell this to but a Nvidia GTX 1080ti
    or a Corsair one either of it
    but i would sell this

  • aiman fadhlullah

    AMD RX VEGA Please come with me

  • MegaBowss

    Im following on twitter and im not getting the points…
    Still i hope i win with that 1 point i have 😀 gonna take my gaming to dreams.

  • Tomas V.

    This would replace my old R9 Fury Nitro. Now that is a good card when undervolted heavily, but lacking a bit of 21:9 1440p power.


  • Michael

    Plain just need a graphics card. Plus would help me develop circuits on my PC in uni

  • Milos

    i think my r9 280x deserve an update!


    Currently I am using

    I am waiting for RX VEGA

  • Niall

    My PC is due an upgrade, Vega would be the perfect card for it

  • Exon

    Will this card make Game of Thrones release quicker?

  • Nuno Gabriel Brito teixeira

    If i have this card ill just fuckin run doom and pubg like a dream instead of these 20 fps i get today

  • Raj chowdhury

    I really need this card.. For better gaming experience and also for my animation….. I badly need this card….

  • Nishan Bhowmick

    Finally it came….now I will pair it with my ryzen 7 1700x 😈

  • Landon Green

    I am digging the limited edition shroud. I do believe this is the worthy successor to my 390.

  • zem_3

    Thanks for graphis card realy ez vega

  • Gábor

    This card would really push my in-dev-indie-game a lot further… Well, hope dies last, right? 😀

  • Alex Tan

    Waiting this graphic card to complete my workstation. (Now using RX470 and it’s not enough for video editing T^T)

  • Yang Chun-An

    I’m AMD fan 👍

  • Tanmay Revankar

    Go team vega RED

  • Rahul Patel

    I will make this card the gem of system making my system around it

  • Death of Chaos

    If I ended up getting this card I’d throw out my i5-6600K and motherboard in favore of a Ryzen 7 1800X chip for an all out Vega system!

  • Sam

    Its going to be interesting how this will shake up the high-end market

  • mayank verma

    I have no words to say about this thing because i m never heard about this technology hbm2 in any gpu card.It one of the beast of it’s own kind…..and soon rock the pc experience of everyone to the next level.Thanxs amd for such a huge effort for user.:-)

  • Rahul Patel

    I will make this card the gem of my system 😀😀

  • Ziki D. Julian Rizqi


  • Fahad Sadiq

    May the best enthusiast win

  • Venkatesh Chirla

    Proud to be an Indian cudos to Raja sir for taking this to the next level.Hoping to hear from AMD.

  • zem_3

    I will play all games in this world with radeon vega i think it must be amazing !!!

  • Darshan Sarode

    No comments needed!
    Grate job AMD with RM Vega…
    Still Expected better with you people because we have expectations with people who can deliver up to the mark!
    The RX Vega Goes with my AMD Ryzen 7 CPU but but but #CanItRunCrysis
    lol >>>>OHH yes!

    Love you #TeamRED

  • James Ivey

    So excited for the Launch! I’ve owned AMD/ATI GPU ‘s ever since 2006. I can’t wait to add this to my collection =) AMD4Life!!!

  • Sam Wilson

    I’d put this in the freezer because it’s so freakin’ hot

  • Eddie Bulfin

    This could help me to get my gaming up to the level of my son and his gaming daughter. Notice I said COULD not would as I very much doubt I will ever catch up.

  • Jarvis

    I recently got into PC gaming at this card would greatly help me out as I’m current using an old and graphics card and could.

  • Manas

    To get a good gaming PC. Currently dont have enough money to purchase a good graphics card.

  • Jafar Uddin

    If I win, I’ll smash my GTX 1080Ti (EK waterblock, Nickel+Plexi) with a hammer and post it on youtube! Then install the RX Vega and do a 24 hour LetsPlay for the most requested game!

  • stefan

    I absolutely need this, because i bought a monitor that came with FreeSync 😀

  • Alex D

    I am starting my Software Development Career this September and I could really use a new video card . My main pc just broke last week because my graphic card decided to suddenly die so I am obligated to wait until I save enough money for a new one.As I folow Linus on youtube and saw that u guys are giving for free a new card I said why not lets give it a try maybe I am lucky and save some money for my studies instead .Good luck to everyone

  • Derpster

    I need this for the requirement on the steam game “The End is Nigh”!

  • Andreas Madsen

    Vega would be a nice addition to my newly built PC based on Ryzen 1700X

  • Niko Myyry

    This card would complete my AMD build and work together perfectly with Ryzen!

  • Yong Min

    OMG this is an amazing thing maked by awesome ppl, keep it up Red Team

  • lucky sendouw

    i want new graphic card please

  • Karlos Nikos

    Oh boy do I need this card

  • Tanmay Vasisht

    I would love to use the Vega graphics card for editing and rendering, as it’s gonna be super powerful…

  • Andreas Drososopoulos

    Just upgraded to AMD Ryzen 1800X i am ready to finish the AMD puzzle!!

  • Basardius

    My 3440×1440 needs Vega!

  • Lukas

    Since 5 years I using AMD, and I hope to win this card!!!

  • Dylan Isenbart

    I would love a new graphics card, excited for all AMD offers, and hope the future is bright!

  • Jannis matla

    I really like gaming but I don’t have enough money to buy a relatively good system. So winning this card would mean a lot to me.

  • Theo Fredriksson

    It would be perfect to go with a new Ryzen Im going to buy in september.

  • Werhner Wangra

    I would love to use this card for gaming and financial model acceleration!

  • Me

    Hey guy i rly need this card. I just take a guess and think i am the only one still gaming on i3 550 and gt 430 :/
    With that card i would finally make a great setup wit an 1800 cpu 🙂

  • Omar

    I know im not going to win but if i get it i would play wildlands max setting because that game is so beautifull

  • Aviraj

    If i win this vega card it will be my first amd graphic card and first ever high end card, so this exciting, thanks AMD

  • Andrei Madalin Gradinaru

    The card looks frikin’ amazing, and i’m pretty sure performance is outstanding

  • Frozen Fire

    Let’s rock AMD!

  • Clement Sivapatham

    Team red for life #vega

  • Rowan Wantirna

    Fingers crossed, but I’m sure to whoever this card goes to, they’ll enjoy it.

  • Francesco "Revelator"

    this is my system: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X(8C/16T)+Asus X370 Prime Pro v.0805 +16 GB dual ch. DDR4 G.SKILL F4-3400-C16D-16GVK+Sapphire AMD R9 Fury Nitro OC 4GB HBM+Sound Blaster Z+2xSSD 850EVO+Win 10 1703 64bit.
    i am AMD FAN by years, I need brand new VEGA CARDS! THANKS!

  • Kanan Torn

    I will use RX Vega for useful things and gaming. And i will be the first RX Vega user in Cambodia.

  • Azizur Rahman

    Super hyped for VEGA,. I’m still saving up for one, will be a while but should be worth it 🙂

    I never win anything, i really hope i do! If i do i’ll be making YouTube videos of the whole experience and all my gaming sessions xD

  • Andrew Crandon

    I would sponsor you guys till I die! No, but for real, I would switch from nVidia to Radeon! I can’t wait to see what AMD does with this awesome new architecture!


    All i can think of is on how will it overclock and i will defiantly like to find out.

  • Cesar patinio

    This ONE is mine!

  • Uğurcan

    would be a step up from m260 I guess

  • Theo Fredriksson

    It would be perfect to go with a new Ryzen Im going to buy in september. I need better stuff in computer Im only have 2× 670 cards in my computer.

  • Monty Johnson

    Right now my Ryzen 7 1700 system only has duel RX 560s because that’s all I could afford, but I intend to upgrade to Vega when I have seen the Price to Performance make NVidia look like a joke, if it doesn’t have the performance then the price will be where it is competitive, but whatever happens, Radeon, take my money

  • Heine Nielsen

    AMD 4 The WIN.

    I want to build a new ryzen system, and the vega will be icing on the cake.

  • Redha Azmei

    I know the fact that Vega is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, and I can see that AMD RX Vega had shown us why they are called “Vega”, because AMD brings us the light to the future of gaming!

  • BumbleBoss

    Team red all day everyday

  • Michel Naimi

    I would like to win this card because I want to expirence the new level of vega architecture and performance 🙂 good luck everyone

  • Illya

    To be honest, if I win I would not have a pc to put that gpu in. So it would for a while be on my self as a trophy before I have money to build a real setup…

  • AwaaKevin

    I rly want build my first pc. I hope i won. Thanks Amd.

  • Usman

    This is a beast! Really like brushed finish and to be honest, so far, I see Intel crying silently, AMD IS BACK BOYS!

  • Ryan

    It’s been too long! Originally had a 4350 as my first card that I bought when I was 12. Then upgraded to a 5670 before switching sides… I’d LOVE to return to my red roots! Like I said, it’s been too long!

  • Dalton

    I’m a new PC builder and I chose ryzen to be my very first processor!

  • Wengtat Ng

    Good Luck to everyone who enter !

  • NEO

    Red team is rocking. this one is looking freaking awesome!

  • Philip Atkins

    I would love to win this card, I’d pair it with my Ryzen 5 1600 to game and create digital art and video content!

  • Pradeep Murugan

    Vega will be a sweet addition to my R5 1600 system.

  • N.Nandhakumar

    Thought about buying vega xtx and ryzen 7 1700x in december

  • Michael weigner

    I have only ever bought an amd or ati GPU or CPU and would be sooo honored to receive this prize!

  • Nader Alazzawi

    I just need it because simply i’m Egyptian !

  • Jauhar

    Wrooooom !!!! I will be the one winning this

  • Vinay Kumar Agarwal

    It would make me proud to be a gamer.😡

  • Anushka Samarasinghe

    I think that AMD has truly stepped up its game in 2017, can’t wait to build a monster Threadriper pc with an RX Vega! It would be epic if I could be the winner of this amazing card! AMD FTW!!!!

  • Nick Tsivin

    #Tream Red GL everyone

  • Daniel

    I only can wish and hope that this card goes to a good home

  • Jreload123

    Man the perfect pair to my upcoming build of Ryzen 5 in September, I would be unstoppable.#AMDFTW

  • William Phillips

    Would be one hell of a first build video card!

  • Stefanie

    I used only AMD CPUs from back in the days of the first Athlons. Owned Duron, Athlon64 x2, FX4300 and now FX8350. I would keep this card forever as a incredible collectors item, not to say i won’t use it 🙂

  • Puska plays

    Wow if i win i will buy another rx vega and do CROSSFIRE

  • Fuad almutawaa

    I will use this to this to experience 60fps in the first time in my life

  • Domen Ahac

    I would use this graphics card to speed up my hobby game davelopment and maybe even start a YouTube channel. I love games, i love building computers as i did my own and my brothers, and i woud love to have THE Vega gpu there with me.

  • Armand Klein

    It would go perfectly with a 7 1700; it would be day and night compared to my current A10 7890K (using IGP).

  • bogdan

    don’t want this card – i prefer Nvidia

  • L. C

    Always thought Nvidia was better, now is your time to prove me wrong.

  • Gonzalo Cagadas Jr.

    This Would really take my Gaming to Highest level ever !

  • DannyBoy

    Yess!! Not only ryzens arrived, giving big nice fu to Intel, but to demolish Nvidia the same year?? Mind blown…

  • Dean Hyde

    The most beautiful card ive ever seen. It would sit proudly next to mt Ryzen 1800x

  • Natanael Aquilina

    I want to test it out against my GTX1080 :p

  • Reinis

    Really excited about vega, cant wait
    it for it.

  • Andraž Novak

    VEGA is like Threadripper… …EPYC 🙂

  • Christy George

    I need to pair this to my gaming+workstation build 🙂

  • Junaid Shaikh

    King is back #AMD Vega

  • Eric Sottoriva

    It is nice to have peace of mind that with this great community whoever wins will be deserving and do something good and useful with the card. Thanks AMD for this great opportunity, thank you for pioneering and pushing this industry forward and the HBM 2 memory was a nice touch. Continue doing what you do, love your work and would be stoked to win!

  • Eusebia Fernanda Siahaan

    other team too expensive
    Go redteam

  • Iron Beagle

    I can dream… can’t I?

  • Meti

    I want this card to crush NVIDIA!

  • Daniel Vipin

    1 will use in my ryzen system other one as a showpiece to show others what true gpu is.

  • Juan Valencia

    To get the complete “Zen” Experience for content creation, gaming and as system administrator student.

  • Jeremy

    I would love to use on gta 5 on ultra everything

  • imrankhan

    need this card for my study…for game problem. i can’t buy a good card….

  • Dave Foster

    The one thing I need for my first build

  • vy

    *crossfinger* This would be a nice upgrade!

  • Aniket Nandi

    I want ryzen ane vega smash the blue team….and i can see it clearly the red team is allready on fire….go red go red go red….gooo….


  • SamishiI

    To take my all red AMD old build to an all red AMD new build.

  • Andrew

    I’ve already switched to amd for my ryzen 5 1600. But have waited to swap out my 1080 since amd doesnt offer a high end gpu. Yet…

  • Ryan Eka

    #AMDForever #BetterRed #RyzenPowers #RXVega

  • Tan Yu Yang Samuel

    Vega till the very end!! w00t.

  • Chase H.

    Please save me from my GTX 750 Ti. 4 years is too long with this thing!

  • Jakeyboy1999


  • Dimitry

    This would help with my gaming that way I could get the best out of my pc for starting up Twitch.

  • Anthony Engle

    If i win this I’m passing my old 290x down to share the love.

    • Anthony Engle

      Never mind the links are broken.

  • Irwin Leonardo

    I need this for my podcast hehe

  • Franz

    It would help my little StartUp tons and tons to create the visuals we need.
    Sure thing, I would do a youtube Video.

  • Aniket Nandi

    If i get this card or not….i want AMD every where….

    But yes i want and i wish to have the card….rx daammlyy

  • Tristan Hunfeld

    Well my mind is blowing…. iam here from the Netherlands useing my hole life amd.
    For me it work always fine.So many people looked surprised at me. They did not really know what amd is. So I told them what my experiences were. And what you get for almost 30 percent less money. How good it actually is. I hope with my talk that they will not be right next time for team blue and team green. And now amd to a whole new level goes, not only with her graphics cards but also with her amazing rayzn family. All I want to say is. AMD keep up the good work!

  • Raul Enrico

    Whoever wins , enjoy!

  • Mozaiii

    Holy moly! This card would be amazing with my upcoming free sync monitor.

  • George

    Perfect with my 2 cores could. kill me.

  • akshey

    not that mad about it just want to try amd card because i was still using nvidia no hard feelings if i don’t win just want to know is sir raja is a indian

  • Dan Peeling

    The Missing Link for my Full AMD Build.

  • Geordan

    I need this so bad I’m stuck in the dark ages trying to pursue my dream with what I have this would change my life!


    I would love to have this card in my first PC. Team Red all the way. It will help me a lot.

  • Krithik

    ready to change from nvidea to amd just like i did from intel to ryzen.

  • Samuel

    Currently using a very old PC from 2005 and looking to buy a new one. Winning this card will allow me to save money and possibly get better FPS then I would with a 1070.

  • Will

    My PC:
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7
    Motherboard: MSI X370 XPower Gaming Titanium
    RAM: 64 GB Corsair DDR4
    Video Card: MSI GTX 1060 3 GB
    PSU: EVGA Fully modular 1000 WATT
    Case: Corsair Obsidian Series 900D
    HDD: WD Black 6TB

  • Kelley

    I guess my previous comment wasn’t appropriate? Dang.

  • Jonoooooooo

    We NEED more of team RED

  • Mark Prins

    My first PC was a phenom 9950 with an 4870 512mb overclocking it to the max tot play crysis on high. Great time. Now I run a AMD ryzen 1600 @ 4.1ghz andere would love tot pair it with Vega!

  • Kelley

    Wait nevermind. Moderator please delete these last 2 comments of mine :”)))

  • nick

    i love the brushed aluminum on the limited edition Vega. someone at AMD can i have one please? for free 🙂

  • Lee

    Once you go team Red, you never go back!
    My first pc (and current one) are AMD based with a Radeon HD5750!
    It has reliably lasted me for 7 years and counting!
    I would love the RX Vega as an awesome upgrade to my pc!
    With it, I can finally play the latest triple A titles with maximum settings and fps.
    Always had been, and always will be a loyal fan of Radeon!!

  • pascal

    I wish i can win this card because i don´t have enougth money too buy an good AMD card since that Mining Hype and than i can finally remove my Shitty Nvidia Card and have finally an good beautiful AMD System :3

  • Dimitry

    This would be a massive step up from the 2gb Rx480

  • Oliver Flemming

    I would utilise this beast of a GPU in my PC which is destined to be my DREAM RIG, for greater than HD gaming! I’d get a case with a tempered glass panel to view it too!

  • Roscoe

    Would be nice to run a beast gpu

  • Dragonsight91

    My personal gaming machine has a AMD FX6300 CPU and a AMD Radeon HD6900 GPU.
    it does what it’s supposed to do and i have always been happy with AMD. but i still don’t really have any money and that PC is a bit outdated so i am looking forward to upgrade my machine.
    This basically would be the first step, to upgrade that machine to a Ryzen Vega machine.

  • Akash Mishra

    I’d love to have this card for gaming and video editing.
    Hope I’d win.

  • Andreas Steffens

    Good luck everyone!

  • Qasim Ameri

    A Vega Radeon will be a good starting point for my new and only pc. Thanks team RED.

  • Dinor Nallbani

    I would love to have this card, I’m planning on building my first ever system and this would be a HUGE help given the graphics card market these days. I would love to have this card and would use it soo much. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day 🙂

  • Joen

    It won’t allow me to log in, the birthday bar is red, why is that? Doesn’t matter if I put it on 1940 or 2010, please help.

    • Matthew Schmude

      Did you remember to put slashes in between dates? MM/DD/YYYY

  • Celso Herrera

    I love the looks give it me i want to play hardcore graphics on it

  • Giannis

    I’ve been waiting for this a long time. I pulled back building my rig and gathering the parts so I can get this Graphics Card. Patience is a virtue and time pays well. I am as excited as Raja (well maybe not as much as him. He lights up from joy and he’s very proud of this achievement.). I had faith in AMD from the start and now I’m enjoying it. The card is a masterpiece by itself and with Raja Koduri’s sign on it it makes it even more special. I can’t wait to see how the holocube will advance . What uses will it have and how practical it will be. I’m glad that AMD is finally getting appropriatelly recognised.

  • Keenan

    I would do anything to be so lucky as to WIN this card. Cause in South Africa these cards are only something one could DREAM about.

  • Marion

    I would love this card its amazing

  • Callum

    I would 100 percent use this in a Ryzen rig I am planning to build, for an amazing gaming experience and for video production!!

  • Bedirhan Ziran ELBAN

    I want to be part of the Red Team! So, I can work more intense and make more savage indie works!

  • Gary Ng

    I had been waiting for a long long time to have a Red monster Card since my last R9 290 CF. I was using AMD all the time before since 9800pro. I did alot of comparison and test between the Red line and Green line, I would say I am still loving the Red Line even the AO is absence. The real performance of red card is much faster and stable ever. The only matter is how the break the cheating brick wall from the Green line. I can tell the Vega is powerful enough to break it.
    To be honest, I am waiting for the RX x90 since RX480 launched, but seems that this tile is not going to be existing duo to the Xbox one x. I was very upset for this.
    But Now, Vega is coming. I can go back to my homeland- The RED card.

  • Krithik

    I am ready to change from Nvidea to AMD just like i changed from intel to AMD with ryzen.
    I wish to see it perform better than the 1080 ti and titan x.

  • Ahmed EL Gohary

    i want this card because i’m from Egypt and we can’t afford high end video card even rx 560 is expensive for us :3

  • Woody Mik

    Very Sexy looking card

  • Christopher H.

    Would love to win to help boost the quality level of my gaming and creation of youtube channel.

  • Edward butov

    Used intel my whole life just bought 2 ryhzen 7’s and never going back 2 intel AMD is best now I need 2 graphics cards winning this would mean a lot to me. #AMDisLife

  • sam

    i have been planning and saving up to upgrade my pc . stilll using the FX6300 and the R9 gpu … but with limitted income .. like about less than $100 a month .. it will take me a lifetime … too sad

  • Leon

    I wolud like to have a vega card becaus I actually have a Radeon HD5670

  • Dimas

    I really want this, because i am still using radeon 5750 and fx 8320, haven’t change it, if i got this , ill post on youtube and etc, because how happy iam

  • Chris_from_Ger

    Since my first build (Athlon XP , Radeon 7200) until today (FX6350 , RX 480)

    i stick with TEAM RED.

    Love you guys^^

  • Robert Waller

    This card would complete my Ryzen 7 setup…..I need this card.

  • Armands Banvals

    could be good replacement for my hd5770 😀 Never tried any hi-end stuff.

  • Remi Andrei Stanila

    I’ve just got all the parts for my Leviathan PC two days ago, rocking an R7 1700 on a Corsshair VI Hero and a 27” MG278Q 1440p FreeSync desplay from Asus and the beast is ready and waiting for it’s beating heart, the RX Vega.

  • Alexander Butterworth

    I am waiting for this for a long time !

  • Pankaj Das

    If i Get it I can run games cause currently i dont have any gpu on my rig.

  • Mohamed

    i think that this will be the bigest comeback of amd i will ever witness in my life

  • Marcus larsen

    When your friends come over and see you have the limited edition rx vega showpiece #nerdgasm

  • Irik

    We believe that you will succeed ☺

  • Michael

    Really exited for Vega. Would be veeeerrry Lucky if i got one,since I’m not a rich person.

  • latentdev

    My first build was a full team red build.

  • Chokri

    change my life !!! 🙂

  • Paul Deschamps

    Hell yeah incredible start to build my first system around

  • Lucas R

    Oh this would be so nice for game designing! and gaming :3

  • Aaron-jade Didcock

    Just got set up with a ryzen 1700x currently useing a saphire nitro r9 380, and a vega would complete my build. long time amd supporter 🙂 win or lose cant wait to get my hands on one of these.

  • Don Kazias

    A long wait for this! Cool red font too 🙂

  • faisal abdulwahed


    i never win anything but here goes i hope and wish to get it , it will be like a dream to me came true .
    best of luck to everyone also

  • XZenon

    And this is to go..! Even! Further! Beyond!

  • Harry Kneale-Roby

    If I got this I don’t think I would believe it and when I can finally comprehend it I may pass out from joy.

  • Daniel

    would be a pretty sweet upgrade

  • Kenneth Zufelt

    The dream.. replacing my crossfired xfx 7950’s with a RX Vega… Win this or not… the dream will come true soon.

  • Michael Beck

    I usually go Nvidia but I think this may be better than my GTX 1080. Hopefully I’ll be replacing it soon since I accidentally bought a Free-sync monitor :/

  • Mathijs Segers

    I’d have to sell my G-Sync monitor and go all AMD I guess 😉

  • MichaelL

    If I win, I will definitely make a YouTube video of the card and its performance!
    I am quite excited for the RX Vega and think that I will buy one this year…
    … although my R9 390X is running great

  • Matt

    Good luck everyone. And I’m guessing there are many.

    I need a new card desperately. Haven’t been able to afford a new one since I bought my gtx 660 years ago. -.-

  • Sabyasachi Goswami

    This will be one of the best year for AMD for launching all the new stuffs. Would love have one of these and build a new AMD PC

  • Dominik Hehet

    Well I could use an upgrade. I mean an R7 250 can go only so far…

  • Arun Sharma

    this card i can finally play games at 4k rather than 600p low quality

  • Ian Dave A. Manguira

    damm twitter, i will never register to you.

  • Fabio Pisco

    Well, i guess i could gladly accept this VEGA since i always will be PC master Race and would join this to mY Ryzen hehe and do some test to my Channel! Let’s hope!

    Btw, Channel:

  • Nicholas mortimore

    Vega rules!!!


    Oh boy, oh boy i ‘ve been waiting for this architecture for so long. It was so hard not to replace my R9 290. I wanted to replace it for a year but there was no Amd gpu worth upgrading to so waited and waited coz i did not wanna go on nVIDIA but Vega is finally here. 🙂
    I wish i could win this Rx vega gpu giveaway :3 .

  • David Brosnahan

    RX Vega is a game changer!

  • Jens Pedersen

    Super card! hope it will be usable to box Some mmos

  • Jesse Boddaert

    I’ve have been a AMD (ATI) user since X850 Pro, now i’m rocking a R9 390 8G. I have never won anything in my Life, so this would be a great (AWESOME) place to start 🙂

  • Mohamed

    I think that this will be the biggest comeback of AMD i will ever witness in my life

  • Gareth Humphries

    I’m a long time fan of AMD and the past or so I have been both researching RYZEN and preparing myself for the Job I aim to do fulltime now, which is to be a fulltime Tech Reviewer.

    I have over the past Year Learned a few new skills to aid my goals most notable to Both Picture and Video edit.

    I have Built MY RYZEN 7 system no corners were cut in doing so, if I was to get the chance to Win the Vega card it would be a huge boost to both myself and my YouTube channel.

    I have now Built a total of 7 systems ALL BEING AMD , the last being my R7 Build and I think the fact it is currently rocking AMD’s last HBM Memory GPU that being the R9 Fury X it would be right at home I will now prosed to Benchmark My current system with the Hope of possible Winning I know its a long shot but I can wish lol.

    To say I’m a fan of AMD is a huge understatement and the amount of time and effort I have put in over the past year is mind blowing, I literally went from knowing what I wanted to do but lacking the skills, to obtaining everything needed to for fill my goal of being a Tech Reviewer.

    I will leave a link to both my youtube channel and my profile over on the AMD Red Team forums.

    Id like to finish by saying thank you AMD and not because I want to win because the past year as I said I have reaserched everything releated to both RYZEN and Vega the amount of work you guys have done is emense, Thank you for bringing the Tech cominuty closer together by not segmenting the RYZEN line up.

    Awsome Job Guys & Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Mr Gareth Humphries

  • Reetam Chowdhury

    this card is awesome and obviously the best but I would even have loved to have any card any moment from amd #TeamRed

  • Chris Smirk

    This is the card I was waiting for to change from an I5 4690k to a Ryzen 7 1800x and achieve that glorious red.

  • parasrn123

    i sooo want this!!!!!

  • Malec Alexandru

    I will just leave this here because RX VEGA and god given frames per second !

  • Orangeduck

    I will hang this card on my wall because it is beautiful. Also because I have a card of the same caliber already in my system.

  • Pratik P Patil

    Man this is some sweet stuff!

  • Dennis Ingenwerth

    This would fit perfectly in My RyZen System which is Currently running a RX 480 Reference. i had been using AMD for along time now i think i used it in my last 3 PC or so.

  • Thomas Popp

    According to what the core clock is even the Gtx 1080 ti could be beaten! I suppose the Model used against the GTX 1080 was the Vega 56 pro!

  • Aritra Debnath

    Just a broke college student here. Have already bought and assembled a ryzen system with r5 1600 but waiting for the mining boom to normalize to buy a GPU, much appreciated if I get that though.

  • devbrath singh

    well neither i am a hardcore gamer(cause i never get good specs to do so) or a video editor but i love tech and i am a huge fan of AMD and how they provide happiness in form of CPU’s an graphic card to the ones with limited budget like me !!So thanks a lot guys and hope you continue spreading happiness…
    And of course if I get my hand on this legendary card its going to be used for gaming and some astronomical calculations..

  • Patrick Bühler

    I’m going to upgrade my system to Ryzen Threadripper 1920X in the next two months. A Radeon RX Vega would be the perfect match.

  • Deividas

    I realy could use a new gpu cause im using r9 280x paired with ryzen 1700

  • yahya

    I would add this to my computer to finally go FULL AMD BOI!

  • shane parrott

    Just built a Ryzen 7 rig this last March and I’m very excited for you guys. Nice work!

  • Anish champak

    I own NVIDIA GTX 1080 TI AMP EXTREME ,6770K,64 GB CORSAIR,GIGABYTE G9 , lG WEBOS950T 65 inch ,MARANTZ AVR ,DEFINITIVE SPEAKERS HIGH END, all this is for gaming ,yeah sure amd have the opportunity to replace that noob 1080 and have its KING chair

  • Kale Geraghty

    I would just really like to run a standard copy of flight simulator x: steam edition without it crashing all the time

  • Adalbert

    Go team red! This is big!

  • Asaf

    Wow I dream can come true.
    This amazing…
    I want it to use it on hard pro gaming… to try using it on some programing graphics progect I have.

    I can do so mach with it.

  • Rizwan

    There should be more Rx Vegas not only one…

  • Ryan Voneman

    I would use this card for my very first PC Build

  • A. G.

    It would be a amazing replacement for my 7950. Ah well, I never win anything.

  • Luca maistre

    Will build my first own pc with this.
    Good luck

  • Shadow_Vega

    Winning something just once in my life would make we really happy.
    Greetings from Germany at the Baltic Sea 🙂

  • Adarsh Singh

    I have my ryzen 1700 ,i’m gonna rock it pairing with the Vega 🙂

  • John

    This card is awesome….unbelievable

  • Luca maistre

    Will build my first pc with this monster of a graphics card

  • Adarsh Singh

    I have my ryzen 1700 ,it would be great to pair it with the Vega 🙂

  • Martin

    Would love to replace my 290x, AMD forever, 8320FX.

  • Patrick

    My first PC was an AMD K2/500 and I’ve been looking forward to the developments from AMD, both with Vega and Threadripper. I’m looking forward to building a new rig… sure would be nice to win one of the GPU’s! Glad to see you guys make a large comeback… you’ve been missed.

  • Shubhojit Banerjee

    Wow,I’m glad to see AMD has grown so much from 2012-2017.
    Keep evolving,and soon you’ll become global leader.

  • Brandon Sellars

    Extremely Excited for team red.

  • Max

    I love this tech.It will help me a lot in desining.I always used AMD videocards even my virst video card and processor was by AMD.Thank you.Sorry gor the bad pleling

  • Vinnie

    Worth waiting for! Great job team red!

  • Tran Xuan Vuong

    I want this card to replace my GTX 1050

  • Tino P

    I had 2 PCs, one was prebuild and had AMD GPU and CPU it wqs horrible, a few years ago I bought a new one with FX 6350 and R7 360, its pretty outdated now and I would apsolutly love Vega so I can finally play latest games on igh settings and 60 fps and I would use the money I collected for a long time to buy an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 so I can properly edit videos here and there and stream with my friend

  • Jorge Suarez

    Rx Vega is as good as mine..#giveaway

  • Ismail

    Building a new rig using the RX Vega

  • Kayshi

    I would love to add an RX Vega onto my build for someone special tgat I have in mind. It would be amazing to have just one and give that to her.

  • Richard Stallman

    403 Forbidden – I wanted to enter, but blocks Tor access. 🙁

  • Jorge Suarez

    This RX Vega is as good as mine..#giveaway

  • Warren Elliott

    I would use this in my new sick gaming rig to replace this old intel i5 with a 1800X. Gonna rip apart all these triple A titles at 4k!!!!

  • Gerald Quiachon

    I need this for going to the next level of gaming.

  • Alexander Butterworth

    I am going to replace both 1080ti with RX Vega

  • Mohamed

    Congratulation AMD , you’re pushing gaming to the next level
    it’s time to upgrade

  • Pavlevel

    Good luck to everyone, but I hope to win it and combine it with my new ryzen 7 1700x!

  • Martins Puris

    make gaming great again

  • Jacob

    How do you enter the giveaway?

  • Moro

    My old GF burned 2 days ago, and you just can’t buy RX in here, so it would be nice to win one…

  • Kafele Richardson

    I have been waiting on this since the first time it was teased

  • Sergey Dudkin

    Red revolution is here. Let the luckiest get their prize!

  • Syed Saifur Rahman

    I would take care of it with my life if I got one…and game on it like a beast of is made to do things like that

  • Grant Voelker

    I’m like decades behind with no money for an upgrade, this is basically the only shot at performance I can get

  • Billy

    Maybe I can upgrade my Athlon 64 X2, anyone think it will bottleneck?

  • Billy

    Maybe I can upgrade my Athlon 64 X2, anyone think it will bottleneck

  • Ryan McCarthy

    NVIDIA, who? AMD, the king!

  • Kanwarjot Singh

    I would love to win Vega because I have never had my own PC. I always just had a mere Laptop. And so I thought that vega would be great for a newcomer like me.

  • German

    Give e it to my son to finish his course in computer science.

  • Konstantin Gushterov

    If I win this, i’m selling my gaming laptop and building a desktop.

  • Khairul Ikhwan

    Right now I do not have any GPU in my desktop. I hope you can give this one so I can have one GPU for my own.


  • remone haughton

    tell me if i dont love amd from a athlon 7550 with a Radeon 4350 to to a to phenom 945 then a 965 with a radeon 5770 upgraded cpu to a fx 8350 with a msi r9 390 8gb whick a gigabyte 970 fx motherboard killed my gpu got a gtx 970 for cheap, upgraded to ryzen a month after launch 1600x gtx 970 and a freesync 144hz monitor pls amd vega!!!!!!

  • Warrax

    And the winner is………me!

  • EB

    I’m trying to move to pc gaming, but my old amd laptop could not handle games. Having a graphic card for free would mean that i could go for better cpu such as r7 1700..
    imagine that
    r7 1700 + RX Vega

  • Marc Crouse

    I am looking to build an AMD Threadripper computer. Would be nice to have the RX Vega to throw in here. I was able to watch the unboxing of the Vega on Linus Tech Tips. It was beautiful. I look forward to seeing what these components can do. I am a Team Red fan. I look forward to seeing who the lucky winner of this card is going to be. Good Luck to everyone and thank you AMD for the chance. Keep up the amazing work and show Team Blue and Team Green, that Team Red is nothing to mess with.

  • Michael Visarra

    To Improve my gaming experience, studies etc especially i can barely even run google with this shitty Computer of mine. so if i win i’d be going to school erryday. 🙂

  • Wong Yoke Yau

    I hope i win, it will really help me on building my first PC for gaming and content creation…hope i could experience it with AMD…Hope it’s international giveaway…fan from Malaysia…
    : )

  • José Gregório da Silva Almeida

    Hope you guys at AMD work harder and harder to give us good products as exciting as Ryzen and Vega!

  • Wiggins Maximillian

    I’ve been using AMD since i have a PC and i would love to own this GPU to make youtube videos and just have a better gaming experience!

  • Neculcea Ion

    Nice AMD, Tks for the improvement of this domain. You rock

  • Temidayo Abayomi-Zannu

    I would just be happy that i could finally get a graphics card.

  • Andre

    I have been looking to build a new PC for quite some time now. However, getting the money to do so is difficult earning minimum wage 50 hours a week. If I won this it would be amazing and I finally could get my Twitch channel back up and running and enjoy PC gaming at its best.

  • nicolas thibeault

    Will use to test its performance to game and to replace my HD7850… 😛

  • Shubham Mathur

    Give me real life experience of gaming “being gaming to life”

  • Hyeong_Jun_Ahn

    rx vega good!! got it

  • Alexander Detela

    I would take this video card to max the game play

  • mohanen

    Haven’t bought a single AMD product yet but still an fan

  • anthony l

    I bought the rx 480 8gb already impressed so why not enter the giveaway

  • Alexander Detela

    I would take this video card to the max in game play.
    I like it a lot. Please gimme

  • Ray lancon

    Would respectully like to enter for a chance to win this one.thank u

  • Pete the Paper Boat

    Such a powerful beast. I’m taking it home!

  • mohanen

    From TN India, Dominated by Intel ,While Im Being AMD fan Spreading the good stuffs about zen & vega to my friends

  • Filip

    Since my bday is on august 16th, it would be the best birthday gift 😀

  • Milky Bekele

    I really want to experience gaming with this nextgen card.

  • Saurav Rath

    I have been a proud owner of the R9 Fury for quite a while now. I am a hardcore Dota 2 player and aim to go pro one day. If I win this very special RX Vega GPU, I will put it to good use in my gaming rig which I am about to upgrade with a Ryzen CPU soon.

  • Chris Raley

    I’m still running a pair of GTX460’s. I would love to be on the bleeding edge. If only for a moment.

  • G.K.

    Let me be part of a new Gaming Universe …

  • Alex Rigor

    Been looking for an upgrade, god is on my side. Benchmarks incoming

  • Wee Khai Cern

    Great rise from AMD for the processors and the graphics cards !! Good job AMD !! I’m very very proud of you !! #TEAMRED #AMDFOREVER<3

  • Frank Williams

    I will use this to its full potential

  • Nicco

    Maybe in the next 10 years it will be outdated right? but who cares this is the future

  • Luo Sen Lim

    OMG Team Red!!!

    Good luck everyone!

  • ChrisS

    im currently planing a pc desk, it would look so awesome with that gpu under the glass tabletop!

  • Crow

    I would like this video card to finally upgrade “gaming” on my mac to pc master race !

  • Loid Grey Manuel

    Awesome Raw power. I hope i could afford. I can only Dream. More power AMD, more innnovation.

  • Erdal

    That card looks so damn awesome 😀

  • Besam Al Nashi

    Thank you, you’re very kind

  • Russell Peterson

    My family had a Chevy Vega back in the 70’s

  • Ben Moore

    Looking forward to some new AMD VEGA gaming action! Can’t wait for the release in August!!!

  • Liam R

    Vega is my favorite street fighter character!

  • Jessen Jonchhe

    Would kill to have one of these and show off to my friends

  • Kieron

    I never had a powerful graphics card just budjet this would be really nice see what amd can do

  • Henrik

    hope i win becose my gf nead a new card badly

  • Shabbydark

    will use it for my content creating work 3d and 2d ! Being using amd cpus for quite long now need this card to pair with my ryzen build ! #lovefromindia #AMDHASDONEIT

  • Goutham gireesh

    I want it to be my first graphic card

  • Graham

    I would play the hell out of 3D pinball

  • Maxwell

    I know a LOT of people will enter this giveaway, I mean, it’s a free video card for crying out loud, I won’t win, just kinda a fact, probably no one reading this comment will win, but I would still like to make a statement anyway.

    A couple of years ago, I started to get into PC building and became really interested in PCs as a whole, I made some quick games on free game makers and shared them with friends, I played to many games to count, and I built a budget gaming pc.

    The further I delved into the world of PC building, the more I began to notice the stark contrast of red vs blue and red vs green, I saw countless posts saying that green and blue would always be better than red, and I was starting to believe it, but as a budget PC builder without all that much cash behind me, I felt I had no option but to go Red for my processor, and I am so happy I did, I continue to be blown away by the ingenuity of team red, and how their thinkers continue to bring strong performance to the masses, and I am so happy that this 2017, everyone is seeing Red shine.


  • Vincent Baglivio

    I’m going to buy it anyway. I would certainly rather win it! ..of course, being that I already budgeted for it, winning one and buying a second for crossfire sounds about right to me!

  • Michael

    I would use to build VR games in Unreal Engine and

  • Tshephang Mogotsi

    I’ve never had a gaming rig before…and worst of all since I live in Botswana we dont even get gpus.. not even RX460’s…..if we do Its at more than triple the price…I really hope I win…been saving for a rig since starting college 2 years ago (hoping to import one)…up until now Ive been gaming on my hp 655 with radean graphics and for blender use as well…it’s not the fastest…but hey what can I do

  • Frank Williams

    I will use it to its full potential

  • Tony Bennett

    I’d like it because I plan on building a Threadripper system to replace my aging i5 system and to be honest I am sure my better half will kill me if I buy a Threadripper cpu and a Vega gpu at the same time.

  • Scott Miller

    My GTX 1080 can’t push me up to the FPS I need for 144hz!

  • Ninoslav Barzilovic

    I would like to brag 😀

  • Carlos Leonardo

    It would be great to compete with Nvidia GPUs. Can’t wait to get one!

  • Kevin Brennan

    Wish you all goodluck, hopefully i can win this Card cause my Sapphire Radeon HD7870 GHz Edition just died on me 4 days ago. ;_;

  • John Beddome

    AMD all the way!!!

  • Yash bagaria

    King koduri ftw !!

  • Thomas Olesen

    I need this card almost as much as Nvidia doesnt 😉

  • Daniel J

    I’m handicaped and haven’t had much luck in life so far. I can’t afford something like this for my gaming since i can’t take a job. Having this i would really pursue a Youtube career though and hopefully become a better person from it.

  • Nandan Sharma

    I always went crazy at amd and I want to start my YouTube channel. Soo I hop I win #amdisthebest

    • Nandan Sharma

      The only thing I do is gaming with amd

  • Andreas

    if i get this, thus will be my first time using Red team. and i am building my AMD pc rig and i will using Ryzen processor but for the graphic card i will using the green team. are u willing to help me using all RED flag instead?

    maybe this is the start for me to use all red flag by using your latest graphic card technology. honestly i still consider green team is the best for graphic card right now in the market but for the processor definitely RYZEN !!!

  • ryan

    i love rx line up i have a rx 480 and love amd so who ever wins make sure to comment there yt so i can see the unboxing

  • David Ristovski

    I whould use it to upgrade my crappyy PC.

  • Kishore Goldy

    I wanna Bleed RED as always …. AMD <3 Forever <3

  • Björn

    For once to play games in max details would be as treat to my eyes! Go AMD!

  • Kevin Herbig

    Best in the world. I want to pleasure my gaiming soul to this

  • Jinha Jeong

    I would totally love to replace my gt 650 with a vega and play battle field 1, titan fall 2, rainbow six sige, battle ground and lots of other games.

  • Zack Ecker

    I Would finally be able to play minesweeper with this!

  • Yasser Jammali

    I never knew I wanted this graphics card till now, but now after relizing it I need it so hard

  • makataleia

    AMD are the one. with this new tech gaming is the next level sh!@t :p

  • Farhad shamsudheen

    Time to upgrade my gtx 1060

  • DogeLV

    Instead of having a 24% bottleneck with my awesome ryzen 1500x and 1050 ti. bottleneck on gpu i can have bottleneck on cpu with Vega 😀

  • Urkrass

    I want this Card very hard and i have no Cash to buy one but whoever wins GZ

  • Ian Graham

    Could really use a new GPU!!!

  • Farhad shamsudheen

    Linus is a god

  • Mendel Miles

    I’ve been patiently waiting for Vega Rx to be released. This will be the finally piece to complete my ROG system driven by Ryzen 1800X and Vega RX.

  • 2ndLastJedi

    I would love to replace my GTX 1080Ti with this (if its faster)

  • Julius Del Prado

    it’s only RIGHT to make a Street Fighter Vega themed build with RX Vega LEL #TeamRed

  • Twat

    GO TEAM GREEN! oh sorry wrong website

  • pat keating

    Good job red team!

  • Quinn Willett

    Very nice card, been on team red since day 1 of gaming!

  • Mohammed Islam

    Out with the old and in with the new. So long Nvidia!

  • Mattias Sjösten

    I would certainly love having this card for my build. My current setup is:
    asus prime x370 pro
    Ryzen 5 1600
    Aorus rx 580 8G.
    If i get Vega i might e ven consider making a new build (again) giving my full support to amd. I will add that i love what you’ve done the last year. Keep it up AMD! 😀

  • justin orrell

    glad intel and nividia have compitition , mayby bring price down on the crazyness

  • Boundlesspictures

    I need that card… i only have an rx 460 that isnt good for me… i dont have much money to spend on hardware … so amd… i love that vega card!

  • Kim Munday

    Hi Guys,

    As an AMD users I would whole heartedly like to wish you luck with your new release, into the gpu market I’ve a 7950 and rx480 hoping to have a vega too. thanks for all your ohard work.

  • Harold Ren


  • Fen

    Since i couldn’t find any silver/gray with red accents cards for my build, this is the perfect match for my silver/red Ryzen build.

  • Oscar Healy

    im having trouble reaching gleam

  • Tshephang Mogotsi

    i really hope i win, i’ve never had a gaming rig before, worst of all living in Botswana we don’t even get gpu’s…not even RX 460’s….if we do its at insanely inflated prices, thats why i’ve been saving for a gaming rig for 2 years now since starting university( hoping to import one despite customs tax)….up until now my hp 655 with hd 7340 graphics has held me steady…i use it for blender, inkscape, programming, its not a beast, but hey, what can i do

  • james

    Would love to get my hands on a Vega Card

  • Rodrigo Almeida

    Sure would be great to start winning giveaways now!

  • Tyriek Carr

    I am hoping to upgrade my AMD Radeon HD 5770!!! It has been 7 years, time for an upgreade.

  • Arnab Sarma

    I need it for my first pc which will match will my ryzen 7 1800x

  • edbiasi

    i will fight against the bluish green haze monopoly

  • Juwan Novan

    I just want any card of AMD because I never have enough money to buy any card that upper than $150

  • David shortman

    Really want this for my gaming rig

  • D3RO

    I will use this for mining. Jkkkkkk loll

  • michael guadiz

    I have been waiting for a replacement for the fury x for so long!


    Let me win, I’ll sell my 1080 Ti

  • roy margaja

    I’m no gamer but i sure as hell want to try this out.

  • Brian Robins

    T e a m Red. Looks like something out of a Porsche design facility.

  • BlazeK_AMDRT

    Thanks so much for the opportunity 🙂

  • Richard Lambert

    I really want that HBM2!

  • Steve H.

    This with my 1700OC would be total AMD pownage


    2010 build AMD SEMPRON 2GB RAM
    2015 buy AMD A8 7410 laptop 4GB RAM
    2017 build AMD RYZEN 7 1700X 16GB RAM 2TB liquid cooling



  • Alexander K

    really wait for amd to make another breaktrough..wish that vega will bring gaming to another level

  • Jonathan Kent

    I am currently a Computer Engineering student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I’ve been doing independent research into the implementation of genetic algorithms to neural networks. If I were to get the Vega, I would use it both for gaming, and for using the extra computational power to accelerate my research.

  • Evgeniy

    Oh, AMD GPU looks like it have very beautiful power to make gaming and professional workstations more powerful. Now it’s so awesome to hear it

  • Yulius

    Please help my gaming amd..i only have r9270x in my will be very good if i have that VEGA..please so badly</