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Venture back to Mordor with Middle Earth: Shadow of War™ developed by Monolith Productions. The Sequel to Shadow of Mordor is now out and it’s time to continue the journey through Middle Earth, conquer fortresses and take on Dark Lord Sauron.

The combat mechanics in this game were smooth and rewarding. I was able to weave in and out of battle while taking on swarms on enemies at a time and finished them off with vicious finishing moves. Between battles, you have the option to strategically grow the size and power of your forces one region at a time and take back Mordor from the forces of evil.

Interrogate your foes and gain intel on how to best take on commanders defending their post.

This game at high resolutions and ultra-textures is quite demanding and requires 8GB+ of system RAM and over 4GB of VRAM. If your system has less than the required amount, head into the graphics settings and change the texture quality below ultra for a boost to your fps.

Here are my recommended settings targeting 60 fps based on testing on my AMD Ryzen™ 5 1600X powered system.

For Radeon™ Chill support for Shadow of War, be sure to download the latest Radeon Software Crimson Edition Driver (17.10.2) HERE.

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  • Eduard

    how about settings for rx 470 8gb.

  • Abhi Soni

    My favorite no of game in one. Very very very nice game i loved game.

  • Blazek_amdrt

    The upcoming Radeon ReLive driver is going to make a lot of people excited 😉

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