Stories from the Rebels

The Radeon Rebellion was more than just a new series of graphics cards. It was a movement to bring affordable gaming to the masses. The Radeon™ RX 500 series continues to liberate gamers from the constraints of financial and technological barriers. Read the stories from just a few of the Radeon Rebels and why they rebelled.

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Would you be able to find Fiji on a map? Well, this island country in the South Pacific is where you can find Sai. Naturally, finding a local gaming community is tough so Sai participates actively on online communities to connect with likeminded gamers.

Sai also credits gaming with helping him to improve his English and has reaped benefits from its educational aspect. Most poignantly, Sai went through a tough patch a few years ago and instead of turning to vices, he channeled his energy into gaming instead. Gaming helped him get back on his feet and enabled him to redirect all of the negativity in his life into an activity and a community he is so passionate about. Sai credits gaming and the community with saving his life – literally.

Sai, who lives in a remote country where the price of gaming is prohibitively high, chose to start building his own PCs to maximize his gaming capabilities without straining his budget. He currently has two Radeon™ RX 480s in his rig that he uses for gaming, video editing and video rendering.

Sai finds that a lot of his personal values are reflected in AMD as a company. He sees AMD often giving back to the PC community at large and that’s important to him. He is also a big fan of AMD’s recent “It Gets Better” video, noting that AMD’s “openness” applies beyond its hardware and technology, but also to the people behind the company. Sai often interacts with AMDers on Twitter – Head of RTG, Raja Koduri, being one of his favorites, as well as CEO Lisa Su, who recently joined the online community – and he says his interactions with them have been great. Uncannily, AMD’s business comeback in recent months have closely reflected Sai’s own personal journey and he wants to see AMD continue to succeed.

When Sai thinks of Radeon, performance, stability and future-proofing come to mind. For Sai, the existence of AMD and Radeon has enabled him to be a gamer in the first place, by allowing him to build powerful PCs within his budget. If it were not for the hardware offered by AMD, he would likely never have had the chance to afford a gaming PC, let alone become a Radeon Rebel.

Billy has been a gamer for nearly two decades and in the early days, he got his start by participating in LAN parties. The multiplayer aspect of gaming got him hooked, especially the ability to play and connect with millions of other gamers around the world which quickly made World of Warcraft, Lineage and Lineage II his favorite MMOs to play. Looking to the future, Billy is most excited for the upcoming release of the space sim, Star Citizen.

Billy is a long-time Radeon Rebel and has been on the Red Team steadily for almost a decade. He started his journey with the Radeon™ HD 4870 X2, the fastest GPU on the market at the time, back in 2008. Nowadays, Billy is rocking a Radeon™ R9 Fury X card in his system.


For Billy, as a PC gamer and DIY builder, every penny counts when it comes to investing into his system and for him, when it comes to price to performance ratio, he sees Radeon at the top of its game with unrivaled staying power and competitiveness in the market. To Billy, Radeon represents longevity and consistent performance improvements with driver updates, a phenomenon endearingly coined “AMD FineWine Technology” among Radeon enthusiasts on Reddit. He’s especially a big fan of Radeon Software Crimson Relive Edition, which brought a slew of new awesome settings that he likes to tinker with, like the Radeon WattMan utility for full control of overclocking.1

Billy is a fan of AMD’s efforts to bring technologies that push boundaries to gamers, like Radeon FreeSync™ technology, and its promotion of open source. He also finds a supportive community among Radeon enthusiasts – it’s his favorite online community of technology enthusiasts who are open-minded and helpful. For Billy, it’s a good time to be a gamer and a good time to be a Radeon Rebel on Team Red.

Archie is a Radeon Rebel who was drawn to gaming for the social aspect, so naturally MMOs and MOBAs are his playground. Even though he is a busy graduate student, he has managed to log over 4000 hours playing Dota 2!

Archie is a relatively new Radeon Rebel recruit joining us in the movement to demand more from the graphics industry. He was previously a lifetime user of our competitor’s GPUs, but Archie blazed onto the Radeon scene recently with his personal story of switching over to the Red Team with the Radeon RX 480, chronicled on Reddit. As a gamer, Archie’s personal philosophy is to buy a mid-range GPU that will last him a while, given the types of games he’s into. In his opinion, the best card that enables this is Radeon as it provides longevity for great value.

Over the last couple of years, monitor technology has improved leaps and bounds with adaptive framerate monitors, a technology that really intrigued Archie. In his words, Radeon FreeSync™ is “game changing technology”, and he was keen to experience it for himself without having to pay a premium price for it. To Archie, being a PC gamer represents freedom in many ways:

  • Freedom to choose hardware based on a budget
  • Freedom to customize graphics options in games
  • Freedom to play generations of games, old and new alike, without platform constraints
  • Freedom to set up hardware in a way that suits your needs, with a multitude of options to always do more with your hardware

And this is precisely what being a Radeon Rebel offers to Archie with its open approach to technology, created with gamers in mind. As a company, AMD is proud to wear its open technology on its sleeve and as a Radeon Rebel, Archie is proud to support that.

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