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Professional gamers know that enjoying the best possible experience requires four things: Superior performance, high resolutions, smooth frame rates, and dazzling image quality. This demands a synergistic setup that delivers more than the sum of its PC parts.

The right blend of components can open the door to unforgettable gaming experiences for pro and enthusiast gamers alike. And since we expect Radeon RX Vega GPUs to be in extremely high demand, we wanted to do something special for our dedicated community of gamers – especially those in need of upgrades across their entire ecosystem.

At SIGGRAPH, we announced three Radeon Packs — featuring Radeon RX Vega graphics cards — that supply the perfect path to maximizing your gaming experience. Each pack includes the following:

  • Radeon™ RX Vega 64 or Radeon™ RX Vega 56 — the world’s most advanced, forward-looking GPUs*
  • A steep discount on Samsung’s stunning CF791-Series 1440p Curved Ultrawide FreeSync™ monitor for smooth, tear-free gaming*
  • An exclusive discount on select groundbreaking Ryzen™ 7 CPU + AM4 motherboard combos*
  • Copies of both Wolfenstein® II: The New Colossus™ and Prey®*.

These special offers are highlighted by the Radeon RX Vega 64, the most advanced GPU in the world, with redesigned geometry and pixel engines, and revolutionary features like our High Bandwidth Cache Controller and Rapid Packed Math.

Radeon RX Vega 64: Premium Performance, Premium Industrial Design

Radeon RX Vega 64 was architected for the incoming wave of visually and computationally demanding titles like FarCry 5. The Radeon RX Vega 64 also utilizes technology that experts insisted would never be within a gamer’s reach. Stuff like second-generation High Bandwidth Memory, plucked from industrial graphics solutions that cost several thousand dollars.

Equally impressive is the proud sense of ownership you’ll feel when you hold Radeon RX Vega 64 in your hands. Designed by a team of world renowned industrial designers, the iconic shroud in our limited edition version features solid metal construction with a premium 240 grit brushed finish. Then it’s burnished with an eye-catching symbol of refined gaming: an illuminated pixel.

PC Gaming: It All Starts with the Glass

But we didn’t stop there, because we want you to have the smoothest experience possible. Exceptional PC gaming starts with the glass, so we’re offering Radeon RX Vega 64 buyers $200 off Samsung’s jaw-dropping, 34” Curved Ultrawide FreeSync monitor.*

During informal blind experience testing with a FreeSync-capable monitor and Radeon RX Vega 64, the majority of gamers chose it over similarly priced and similarly performant hardware ecosystems (Nvidia G-Sync with GeForce GTX 1080 and GeForce GTX 1080 Ti).

AMD Ryzen 7: Shatter Performance Barriers for Less Cash

It’s been years since the world has seen a truly new CPU architecture. AMD Ryzen was built for advanced multithreaded applications and the most demanding resolutions, delivering blistering performance at extremely competitive prices. We’re offering select Ryzen 7 processors + X370 motherboard combos as part of the Radeon Packs — at an exclusive $100 discount.

Two of 2017’s Best Games: On the House

Once you have the ultimate gaming setup, you need the ultimate games to enjoy the experience. Our friends at Bethesda Softworks are sweetening the deal with copies of Wolfenstein® II: The New Colossus™ and Prey®*, two of the most highly anticipated games this year. Our engineers have spent thousands of hours working with developers to deliver the most optimized gaming experience with the Radeon RX Vega 64 ecosystem.

Not all gamers are alike. Some of you have already have a stunning FreeSync monitor or a high-end CPU, so we’re offering three Radeon RX Vega Radeon Packs to ensure you get an experience tailored for your individual needs:

Radeon Red Pack: $499 USD

Radeon RX Vega 56 Air Cooled edition + $200 discount on Samsung XX FreeSync monitor + Wolfenstein® II: The New Colossus™ and Prey® ($120 value) + $100 discount on Ryzen 7 1800x processor + x370 motherboard combo*

Radeon Black Pack: $599 USD

Radeon RX Vega 64 Air Cooled edition (Black shroud or Limited Edition Silver shroud) + $200 discount on Samsung XX FreeSync monitor + Wolfenstein® II: The New Colossus™ and Prey® ($120 value) + $100 discount on Ryzen 7 1800x processor + x370 motherboard combo*

Radeon Aqua Pack: $699

Radeon RX Vega 64 (Liquid Cooled edition) + $200 discount on Samsung XX FreeSync monitor + Wolfenstein® II: The New Colossus™ and Prey® ($120 value) + $100 discount on Ryzen 7 1800x processor + x370 motherboard combo*

If you’re already a proud AMD Ryzen or Radeon FreeSync monitor owner, you can buy a Radeon RX Vega 56 or Radeon RX Vega 64 air cooled edition  at standalone prices of $399 and $499 SEP USD respectively.

Don’t limit the potential of your pixels. Secure the ultimate gaming experience with Radeon Packs this August.  

*Terms and conditions apply and will be available soon on Monitor offer may vary or be unavailable depending on region. Game offer may vary  by region. Void where prohibited.
Wolfenstein® images and logos © 2017 Bethesda Softworks® LLC, a ZeniMax® Media company. Developed in association with MachineGames®. Wolfenstein and related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of id Software LLC in the U.S. and/or other countries. MachineGames, Bethesda, Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax and related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved.
Prey® images and logos © 2017 Bethesda Softworks® LLC, a ZeniMax® Media company. Developed in association with Arkane® Studios. Prey, Arkane, Bethesda, Bethesda Softworks, ZeniMax and related logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All rights reserved. All other trade- marks or trade names are the property of their respective owners. All Rights Reserved.
©2017 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.  All rights reserved. AMD, Radeon, Radeon FreeSync, the AMD arrow logo, and combinations thereof, are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. All other products names are for reference only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. PID# 1733186-DA
Jason Evangelho, Sr. Technical Marketing Specialist for the Radeon Technologies Group at AMD. His postings are his own opinions and may not represent AMD’s positions, strategies, or opinions. Links to third party sites and references to third party trademarks are provided for convenience and illustrative purposes only. Unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such links, and no third party endorsement of AMD or any of its products is implied.


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  • Mitchell Pell

    I wanted the liquid version, well I’m personally disappointing its only available in a package. I already built my Ryzen system and only wanted to upgrade my 290X. The 1080ti is sounding better every time I hear something new from Radeon.

    • Willem Kooiman

      Yep. I have the same issue.
      I already have a complete systemen and i want a different monitor.
      So which deal is thee forum me?

    • Seagon

      Same here. Looks like we’ll either have to go for the Liquid pack and make another person happy with the coupons, or opt for the separate air cooled 64 :/

      • Lucas Kempken

        Hey, if you buy the water-cooled graffikarte I can then get the coupon for the mainbord. I myself would just like the air-cooled variente. You would make me very happy.

      • Dizi

        They’re not coupons though, they are direct discounts only redeemable at the time of purchase.

        • Prox

          well then get the parts, use the GPU and sell the rest on Amazon or Ebay?

          I mean i could use the extra parts for a Friends PC. also where can i get these Bundles in Germany, Amazon doesn’t say anything.

    • Joseph Zwingraf JR

      I agree I did the same and built an 1800x with crosshair vi hero and want the liquid cooled rx vega 64. How do we make this happen?

      • G. Dorf

        Same here, already have 1800x crosshair VI and 1440p 144hz Freesync monitor. I just want the liquid cooled card.

    • Michael Cullen

      If you’re already a proud AMD Ryzen or Radeon FreeSync monitor owner, you can buy a Radeon RX Vega 56 or Radeon RX Vega 64 air cooled edition at standalone prices of $399 and $499 SEP USD respectively.

    • Michael

      Hopefully this comment reaches you and others. Keep in mind you’re not *losing* anything by buying the pack. The price of the aqua pack IS the MSRP of the GPU. Whether or not you use any of the coupons, you’re still getting the same price on the GPU as if they did sell it separate. It’s not like they’re sending you a Ryzen, mobo, and monitor you have to throw away. Besides, you could give the coupons away, and really make another person quite happy. You could use the coupons to buy a cheap ryzen/mobo and resell them and make a little money. Don’t let the fact that you don’t get the EXTRA goodies drive you away.

  • Ampopol

    I have a few concerns about rx vega 64. Please try to answer all

    1.) i own a 1440p 144hz Freesync monitor for over 10 months “waiting” for this Vega, Please enlighten me that it can handle at least in 144hz at 1440p.

    2.) I built my rig with “evga 650W Platinum PSU”. but the recommended psu for Vega 64 is around 750W enlisted in your website. please clarify this one hoping it do welll both OC on my CPU and for GPU as well.

    3.) Why not make another option bundle for card + games respectively. “we already got the hardware we just need the card and the game”

    Your answer will reply will made impact for my decision buying and supporting this card that i waited for 10 months.

    Thank you and more power to AMD

    • potato

      In general AMD and Nvidia both recommend far more than is actually required for the system. A good rule of thumb is, as long as you aren’t using an adapter to get the right connector, your power supply is most likely fine.

    • Arcuos

      1) Yes, if you buy the 64 one
      2) Probably yes for non-overclocked, sure not for both OC.
      3) AMD has to answer this.

    • Bobbert

      The TDP of the liquid cooled RX Vega 64 is 300w so you’ll need a larger powersupply. I would suggest 850w or higher just to get the power draw in the power supply’s efficiency sweet spot.

      The reason they are doing the packs is to make the cards cost more for crypto currency miners who’ve been buying up all the mid priced video cards which as raised their prices almost to the level of top tier video cards.

  • ilcose

    Would the radeon pack be available also in Italy? Where we can buy the liquid cooled version with pack? Directly from AMD site or from official resellers?

  • JustSluipere

    Where can i get this red pack!! :0

    • Annie Lee

      Watch our website and our social channels. We’ll be sharing participating retailers once the product is on shelf.

  • Flames tornado

    Its awesome but where can i buy 1 of those packs. And whats the difference between the 499$ & 599$ packs in terms of GPU how much difference between them?
    And does it worth it in terms of a non 4k gaming for a low budget.
    And does that ships free internationally or i need to calculate shipping fees?
    I want it in Saudi Arabia. So i need to know before deciding please.

  • Pessi Heiskanen

    How do I know if it will be available in my country i live in Finland?

  • Malyngo

    I really would like to see that $200 discount on Samsung XX FreeSync monitor in Germany.

  • Muhib Mehboob

    I really love your packs and liked your new graphic cards. Wish you make more awesome products

  • Abdul Mohammad

    where do you buy one of these packs sorry if this is weird, never used this website before

  • Miguel Neto

    when and where this packs will be available to buy?

  • Jan Kožnar

    Hello, I would like to buy this 599$ black pack bundle, but I don’t know where to buy it and if it will be available in czech republic. So if you can please reply… And I really love your work, becuause I always bought things from AMD. Good job and please never stop doing good priced components like this one.

  • Mohau seabi

    Will these packs be present in South Africa as im personally hyped and have been waiting to buy an amd machine these offers could save me alot of money

  • Mohau seabi

    Will these packs be present in South Africa? And if so with which stores

  • Ryan

    If i bought everything in the pack how much would it cost in total?

  • Veracht

    hi, is this real life? is that combo really coming with the gpu and motherboard and thise games at such a great price?

    • Bobbert

      No the combo packs only come with the video card, they do not come with the CPU, Motherboard and monitor. The packs comes with the video card, two games and a discount on the other parts if bought at the same time.

  • Fredrik

    Is the packages available in euro? Will the EU see other packages? Is this a worldwide thing with the packages? Will the bundles have a exp date?

  • Alex Yygrec

    If we built the rig with Ryzen and setup everything waiting for the card (and we can prove it) can’t we buy the video card with the normal price….? 🙁 we already suffer a very huge lack of rx 580 and rx 480 because of the miners (and the ones that are for sale are way to expansive). This is like the second knife in our back this year….. not nice…

    • Rowan

      You can buy the cards without Vega package. It would be 100$ cheaper

  • Bryan

    Wait, so is the entire pack is $499-$699 for cpu-mobo combo, monitor and a vega card?! That’s all you have to spend to get all that!

    • Matthew

      No, They make you buy a x370 board even if you just want to use 1 gpu, and they give you a -$200 discount for some expensive Samsung monitor.

  • Matt Kilborn

    Ive already bought ryzenband a motherboard. I just need the liquid cooled GPU. Will that not be available without this bundle? The 1080ti is looking better by the day.

    • SSJ Karan

      The bundle DOES NOT come with a Ryzen processor or a Freesync monitor. You get the games and the card, but not the cpu, mobo and monitor. You just get a discount on those three.

  • Cory

    That’s just great….. I’ve been a loyal customer forever I just bought my Freesync 144hz this month and Ryson 1800x and board last month and now I can’t replace my furyx with the top card because I have my system all already amd’d. You know how to kick a guy when he’s down been waiting forever for this and I don’t want something that is one step down from the best drop me a note if something can be done. I am the kind of customer you should be trying to keep.The other day I found my old AMD 486 DX4-120MHz chip and displayed it that’s where I am coming from.

    • Jermz

      Looks like you’ll be waiting for the 3rd party liquid cooled solutions to come out, like I might be. I’m in the market for a new MOBO and Processor along with my Vega purchase, as well.

      I would really like to see some packs that allow a variety of B350 boards and Ryzen 5 chips with less expensive FreeSync monitor offerings like the ASUS line of FreeSync monitors, as my budget and needs line up better with those components.

      Even without the discount, I’d be willing to purchase these items as a bundle if that was required to help combat the Crypto-mining folks from gobbling them up.

      I’ve watched sales on all the components I’d like to purchase pass me by, all in anticipation of the Vega release. It was a bit anticlimactic to have so many restrictions and requirements just to have access to an expensive liquid cooled reference board.

      At this point, the messaging is still unclear to many if you need to purchase either the Motherboard and chip combo, the Samsung FreeSync monitor, or both to qualify. we’d rather not wait until the day of release to know the particulars of the bundles.

    • Rowan

      You can buy the cards without Vega package. It would be 100$ cheaper

  • Dambala

    i own a sapphire nitro 390 i really get exited about Vega. Now is looks like the package offers me nothing. i own the samsung monitor since march waiting for Vega.
    I need for Vega to upgrade my Psu from 550w to 1000w, around 180€ here in europe.
    not much saving for me but i am happy if AMD can enlighten me

    • Matthew

      They won’t enlighten you at all. Not here, amdrewards support, and twitter.

  • Dusty S Holden

    I would just like to know if the packs will still be available after august or if it’s a one time thing.

  • Florian

    Sounds interesting, where do the ryzen 7 and the mobo have to be purchased from? I’m wondering if I only need to upload the recipe to do so…

  • Jesse Novitzki

    How much will the Aqua pack cost in totall?

  • SilverLotus

    So..In total..How much would all cost if I bought the red pack..And would their be another option for another monitor?cause that is hella expensive even for a discounted price..

    • Bobbert

      It depends on which motherboard you bought. Take the price of the red pack, add the price of a motherboard and cpu then subtract $100. If you also bought a monitor at the same time add its price in and then subtract an additional $200.

  • Poorna Venkata Krishna

    it’s awesome ! but it would be much better if it’s available in India . Please update me through my E-Mail about where I need to buy the Aqua Pack . But I don’t mind going to the US to buy it , Because I am The Proudest Fan of AMD and I will never miss any of it’s rarest offers !
    Thank You AMD !!!!

  • jesse hoekman

    Lets say I want the Radeon RX Vega 56 Air Cooled edition, that means I have to buy the Radeon Red Pack. Does this mean I am obligated to buy the Samsung XX FreeSync monitor and Ryzen 7 1800x processor + x370 motherboard?
    This monitor is way too big for me for gaming.

    • Seagon

      The pack is an incentive to go full AMD with Freesync and a ryzen kit.
      The 56 and 64 air cooled will also be sold separately for less cash.

      • Matthew

        I don’t want 1. An expensive monitor 2. An expensive motherboard, and 3. Two poor games. Oh and thanks for no support.

        • Matthew

          Amdrewards support still haven’t helped me.

  • D'mac

    What if we want Threadripper & x399? Same discount?

  • Annie

    What does the XX mean in Samsung XX FreeSync monitor?

    • Bobbert

      XX’s normally means any model in that line up. So I would assume it means any Samsung FreeSync monitor.

  • Ashraful

    I just bought An LG 34UM69G 34 inch ultra wide Free sync monitor . And i am planing to buy A ryzen MB+ Processor . But my question is Do i have to buy the monitor aswell to get The black pack ? And When they will be available in asian market like ( bangladesh ) ? Or china ?

    • Seagon

      The Black Pack includes the coupons so you can choose to go for a monitor and/or ryzen set, it’s not required to get them to get the Black Pack

      • Matthew

        Its not just “a monitor” of your choice, it’s a $949.99 monitor, price’s still unfair. :c

  • Matthew

    What is the XX monitor? I can’t find it anywhere online, thanks…

    • Matthew

      I found out it’s a $949.99 monotor, cf791 series monitor of samsung.

  • Matthew

    No thank you for the discount for the monitor because I just can’t afford it. Also, no thank you for the 2 free games because I haven’t played the first Wolfenstein yet and I played Prey. Other than that the packs mean nothing to me, anyway, I hope this changes.

    • Bobbert

      Why would you need to play the first Wolfenstein before playing the latest one? The first one was decades ago. And its also the newest version of Prey. If you don’t have the money for a new monitor why even consider this video card anyway?

  • Peter Cimaglia

    Looking to build a gaming computer with my son(our first try) looking to use vega and 1800x or threadripper. Can you give me some instructions as to what I would need start to finish?

    • Matthew

      Thread ripper is for if you’re gonna use up to 4 gpu’s my friend.

  • Henning Tønnesen

    this sucks… give me a pack that has 2x rx vega Liquid cooling so i can run crossfire.. dammnn..

  • Seagon

    I read it here and there in the comments, but like others i have my whole system upgraded recently save for my Graphics card.
    I am now doubting between the VEGA64 Air and Liquid cooled models, but will the Liquid model be sold outside of the packages?

    I wouldn’t mind going for the air cooled, but since i already have a new 21:9 curved freesync monitor, an Oculus Rift, brand new hardware (ok it’s Intel based, but that isn’t personal is it? 🙂 computer broke down and Ryzen wasn’t released yet).

    Safe to say i’m not interested in the package deal (mainly cause the cost will be a lot higher due to import and tax in the Netherlands i expect).

    So, will i be able to take the pinnacle liquid overpass here or should i take the air cooled parallel dirt road on this one?

    • Matthew

      Think ahead and out of the box instead, like how how much power will I need and what can I afford.

      • Matthew

        Also, wait for reviews of the gpu untill prices get high.

    • Bobbert

      How did your computer break down?

  • MSMxxx

    Вопрос – А как покупать со скидкой? Где купить с доставкой и как организовать все?

  • Matthew

    The monitor is $949.99, please give me a better deal or I’ll not pay.

    • Matthew

      And no, I won’t buy. $500 monitor… omg There is no help here at all.

  • Fadil

    Would the radeon pack be available also in Indonesia? Where we can buy the liquid cooled version with pack? Directly from AMD site or from official resellers?

  • blender

    “Let’s give them a discount on an overpriced Freesync Monitor, oh yes ultrawide only… ”

    Come on Radeon, you are supposed to be the “sensible” choice budget wise, your sales and marketing strategy in this respect is getting very contradictory and will not go down well with “sensible” consumers

    I really hope you will come up with some more practical and budget oriented choices in the packs.

    For example why didn’t anyone even consider the Acer xg270hu, 1440p 144hz Freesync as a non ultrawide option… It’s 399$ and it’s RED for crying out loud.

    No good packs by September? Say byebye to your Christmas and end of year sales, because this consumer will be jumping back on the nvdia boat.

    • Matthew

      Radeon packs aren’t fot me, the damn consumer trying to build his first PC. I’m just gonna leave now and forget this ever happened because I’ve gotten no support to the point I’m behind of my career.

  • Kenny

    I would love to see a bundle pack with the new threadripper. Perhaps with the 1900x.

  • Kevin McCaul

    Average cost of a GTX 1080Ti in New Zealand $1200 to $1400 for a short time the price of a RX Vega64 was shown at $1579NZD for the aircooled LE card on Accent technology and PBtech stores. Really hoping it’s a place holder price rather than a $600 mark up.

  • Sina

    Same here, I’d prefer an option to bundle with Ryzen Threadripper! (Already pre-ordered 1950x and x399 Gigabyte board on Amazon)

  • ade

    Can i get this Packs in Indonesia ?or just for US region ?

  • Irud

    GREAT offer! Exactly what I and my friends have been waiting for.
    Been postponing the transition to Ryzen from Intel, but with this… there is nothing stopping us!

    Four friends building computers in August:)

  • Taldren

    1. How long do these coupons last.
    2. Why would you limit the liquid cooled to Ryzen? More likely to be used with a Threadripper by the nature of the builder that would buy it.
    3. Why no FreeSync 2 monitors with their releases right around Vega/Threadripper release dates?

  • Spyke

    Release it to us gamers, I know you’re worried about miners taking them all but maybe force a gamer check by logging in with steam :-p come on I want this card in my life… I’ve even passed up half off 1080 ti’s for this! (hate nvidia)

  • Emil

    Hi AMD
    I’m very interest to buy bundle with motherboard, cpu and gpu (rx vega 64), for monitor I don’t care because i have samsung monitor already.
    Does that bundle be available in Croatia?
    Can I get code for buying ?

  • Ryan Doyle

    Waiting now to see what the European prices are gonna be!
    This is the make it or break it big system upgrade, and whether ill be getting a pack or not. I do want an Asus ROG Crosshair hero Vi + 1700/1800x.
    But as for the GPU, ill see if the miners snap them up or not, if they do and the prices rise, I wont actually be rebuilding my Pc at all.

    • Bobbert

      You’ll have to buy an 1800x if you get the CPU in a pack.

  • Jay Walters

    I am ready to buy a Pack. Where can I (pre)order it?!

  • vasili

    no one cares about your PC

  • MAC

    Already pre-ordered the threadripper and an x99 mobo, Also just bought a freesynch monitor of MY choice. I want the rx 64 liquid, you guys need to figure something out that doesn’t alienate your entire customer base.

    P.S. All through Amazon, meaning I have proof of purchase.

    Make it right!

  • Ursan Nicu Flavius

    I can not wait to see the benckmarks and test it why not

  • Robert Medina

    What most people are going to have to do is buy the air cooled version of Vega and get their own water cooling kits. Seriously, this whole pack idea with discounts is awful. There is no savings with coupons, coupons actually influence you to SPEND MORE MONEY on things you otherwise weren’t even going to buy. So let’s say you buy a $699 pack, then you get a $749.99 SAMSUNG(Do you guys have any idea how terrible Samsung’s quality control and customer service is?) monitor, you’re already close to $1500 before taxes LOL. Again, how are we getting a deal?

    • Devon Moore

      Uh, If you didn’t have a Ryzen cup/mobo it’s still worth it if you want the games. So I don’t really understand.

  • Roland

    so no response from Radeon yet??? Ive been a radeon die hard since the 64mb Cards…. I mean… I still have the thing. Packaging and all put it in a shadow box because it was the first expensive purchase I made when I was a kid.

  • illbuyit

    if i buy do get all the componentes and the monitor or just graphic card and discount for others

      • Payton Terry

        Once you get the pack… the only thing “free” is the games. The rest are discount codes.

  • same

    so if i buy pack ill get all the components listed or just a card and discounts for other

  • Dan Gugel

    So if I just wanted the limited edition RX 64, would I be able to buy it for $500? Or do I need to buy the pack for $600? That’s never been properly explained to me.

  • Alexander Escalante

    I want to know how it will work out if I purchase the radeon black pack + discounts? How will the discount on the CPU, MotherBoard, and the CF791 be applied? Will it be able to all be done in one purchase? Mail in rebate? Checkout Code? Also is the motherboard going to only be the Gigabyte k7 x370? Is the only CPU sold going to be the 1800x or could we choose the pack with a 1700x? I’m planning on getting the entire black pack including the discounts on CPU, MotherBoard, and The CF791 so if I could please get the info?

  • Alexander Gerado Escalante

    If I wanted to buy the Vega 64 black pack, but wanted to wait a week or several to order the 1800x and a GIGABYTE k7 motherboard and still get the -$100 discount is that possible?

  • Amos Winter

    Will I be able to buy just the Vega 56?? Or do I have to shell out for the entire pack? If u don’t sell it separately, then its a dumb move by you, AMD. Don’t get cocky with your newfound power. I already have the hardware, i just need the GPU

  • db

    I’ve just ordered a Threadripper 1950X and an Asus Zenith Extreme, I’d like to buy two water cooled Vega 64s, where’s the “pack” for that???

  • Mzz

    This is pretty crummy. like many others I already have everything I need except the last piece and that’s the GPU. I was specifically waiting for the vega and would have liked to purchase the water cooled one( maybe 2 for SLI). The fact you’re forcing people to buy other stuff is absurd. I don’t need that tv, motherboard or cpu. And if you’re going to do $100 off and make people purchase a CPU why not give them $100 or $200 off the Threadripper that’s coming out? complete bs

  • mitch b

    Pretty crummy. I don’t need the tv, motherboard or cpu. Why are you going to make people purchase other stuff? Pretty absurd. Like many others I already have everything I need and was just waiting for the Vega. I would’ve liked the liquid cooled, maybe 2 for SLI but I don’t need all that extra junk. Also, if you’re going to give $100-$200 off it should be on the threadripper. Complete bs from Radeon.

  • abe

    any pack coming to Malaysia?

  • axel leiva

    Donde y cuando puedo comprar uno de los packs ?
    Soy de Peru lima

  • axel leiva

    Where and when i might buy one of the radeon packs ?
    I am from Peru .

  • axel leiva

    Where and when i might buy a Radeon packs in Peru

  • Payton Terry

    Is there going to be a pack offering the new threadrippers?

  • Adam L

    Do I just looks for the card on Newegg on launch day? What time and where will they be available?

  • Max

    Where will I be able to buy the packs amazon or what website and will it ship to Israel?

  • Rich

    I am VERY disappointed in these packs. Why would AMD release Threadripper and Vega virtually simultaneously and then only offer Vega packs with their older CPU?!?! I want TR1950x and Dual liquid cooled Vega 64s. I am screwed I guess. I get 2 copies of multiple games I don’t want, and a discount to a monitor I don’t want, and have to pay more for it. Ugh! How about a real deal for a real system? 1950x, vega 64 liquid, ASRock motherboard, and a discount on ANY free synch monitor. I am looking at the LG 43″ 4k.

  • Max

    Where will I be able to purchase the aqua pack in Israel?

  • Jonah

    This pack amazing deal to build a new system. now where can i find and order this and if it is available for Canada.?

  • Minsung kim

    Is this radeon pack
    available in korea?

  • Daniel Enciso

    When will these packs be available?

  • Timothy

    I am unable to buy the Radeon Vega rx locally in a bundle or not. Its unavailable today August 14th online or in stores in Tucson Arizona. Please I wouldn’t mind buying a bundle pack directly today if possible(even though I already purchased Ryzen cpu and motherboard). Again everything is out of stock or sold out but Radeon aqua bundles are unavailable locally. Can you make them available on AMD online store please.

  • Marino Šimić

    It seems to me these prices are nowhere to be found. This seems false advertising to me.

  • Vitaliy Bakhtiy

    Where i can buy aqua pack? There is no any information about it in your site.

  • shin

    tell me where can i get that 64 at 499$. im owner of freesync monitor and ryzen processor

  • Peter Holdsworth

    Have you seen the price on there own store for the liquid cooled version i would of happily pain the 699$ but at nearly 1700$ are they joking your going to loose a bunch of customers if you dont sort this asap. I have already supported the new line with ryzen cpu and Am4 board ome on guys look to your loyal supporters and sort these gpus out. And stop the greed!!!!!!!

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