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This week, Radeon Roundtable brings RTG staff together for more reminiscing in gaming—this time, going back to remember that one boss fight. Whether the fight was frustrating, exhilarating or just purely memorable for its own sake, every gamer was a “memorable boss fight” story… so, let’s dive in.

Topic: Your Most Memorable Boss Fight


Jake Francis, Software Engineering Technician

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King was my first entry into competitive end game raiding in an MMO. Lich King on Heroic is easily my most memorable boss fight.

It took many late nights, hundreds of wipes, and thousands of gold sank into guild repair bills, but eventually our 10-man ICC raid group mastered the sheer ridiculous raid mechanics to a science. We finally took him down for good, claiming our shiny achievements, titles and mounts.

MMO gamers understand what it takes to do serious end game progression and the ecstasy that comes with clearing the most challenging content—especially that celebratory moment with your raid team when all the hard work and preparation pays off.


Chris Mikesell, Technical Marketing Demo Expert

River City Ransom is the first game I remember taking a long time to beat. The game utilized passwords, which took forever using a controller.

I was only at half health when the infamous Dragon Twins Randy and Andy appeared on the screen, but I persevered until both foes were vanquished. I freed Cyndi where she was held hostage and walked back out—only to have the real final boss, Simon, standing in front of the door.  One punch from Simon, and I was dead.

This was a lesson not to trust a game until you get to the final credits, preparing me for games like the Dark Souls franchise. #thanksRCR


Jason Megit, Technical Marketing Manager

In World of Warcraft, there was the Blackwing Lair dungeon. The amount of required time, energy, and coordination makes this my favorite boss fight!

This was back in the day of 40-man raids. My guild was not special. We spent two months learning this fight, involving multiple stages and plentiful costs in gold for damage repair. Anyone who experienced BWL knows exactly what I’m talking about: the strong feeling of accomplishment when you finally defeat Razorgore.

What awaited us was more of the same grind and to make matters worse, the dungeons reset weekly. Once our raiding week reset, we proceeded to wipe on Razorgore for months. Soon we took down BWL entirely, defeating Nefarian and hanging his head in Stormwind as proof (LoH FTW!):



Daniel Skrba, Marketing and Communications Specialist

As I stepped through the fog I entered a great hall. Pillars carved out of marble lined the walls and the cathedral windows glowed a dull orange. In the center of the hall rested a throne and next to it stood a towering figure, Executioner Smough. Twice the size of any man, clad in golden armor and a giant hammer that was only meant for one purpose.

Ornstein fell from the balcony above and landed next to Smough. He wore a golden helmet carved to resemble a lion, wielding a spear large enough to kill any beast. Without hesitation, Ornstein dashed towards me with inhuman speed, his spear trailing behind him. Smough followed with a swing his hammer, sending a pillar crashing down. I tried to escape but I was trapped by the fog.

Countless deaths had brought me to this very moment. Little did I know, the battle with Smough and Ornstein would mark the start of the true Dark Souls.


Annie Lee, Marketing and Communications Specialist

If you grew up playing the Legend of Zelda series, you know how infuriating water-based temples are.

The hours I sank into fighting Gyorg in Majora’s Mask were vastly unproductive, most likely from having hit the gamer’s plateau hours before and rendering half that fight as utterly futile. The mechanisms of that boss fight were maddening: switch and forth between regular Link and Zora Link, dive in and out of the water, make it to Gyorg in time underwater while avoiding his ramming—all to land a single hit on that ridiculous mutation of a fish!

No boss fight since has provoked me into such wild frustration as Gyorg’s had.


Matt Wilcox, System Validation Technologist

Let’s drift back to the 90s to Diddy Kong Racing. I have a lot of fondness for this game because it introduced me to Banjo, the greatest character in gaming history. WhizPig was the final boss of Diddy Kong Racing, his ugly mug carved in the stone of the common area as a lingering “threat”.

Although Banjo was my favorite, I was unable to beat WhizPig no matter how many times I tried. I just wasn’t fast enough. Then, I read from a Nintendo Power magazine that Tipsy the mouse was quite the speed demon, so I abandoned my beloved bear. Playing as the tiny mouse, I was finally able to crush the boss. It felt great at the time—I completed what I spent so long trying to achieve!

Looking back, I feel like I betrayed the bear that had been so good to me.  I’m sorry Banjo. You deserved a better driver.


Alexander Blake-Davies, Software Product Marketing

I hate boss fights.



Every gamer has had that exciting or frustrating moment with a certain boss fight—so which one was yours? What made it so memorable? Share with us in the comments below.

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Annie Lee,

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