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Aliens, abandoned ship and a mystery brewing out in space—Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ Prey has finally arrived!

A few of us at AMD decided to dive right into the anticipated sci-fi game, and there were a few moments in Prey within the first hour that struck us stunned, took us off-guard or simply, moments we found really cool. Take a look below:

Annie Lee, Marketing and Communications Specialist

The moment I walked out onto the Talos I lobby, my heart did one of those drops. It was the sheer scale of the place, set against the backdrop of an imminent moon and the terrifying blackness behind it. I knew the place was abandoned after leaving my “apartment”, but stepping out onto that lobby hammered the fear of being the only human on the spaceship. That moment made me realize, even if I escape this Mimic-ridden place, where do I go? Am I doomed? It re-routed my focus to exploration over the idea of “escape”.


Gilbert Leung, Technical Marketing Specialist

Sometimes it is the most mundane moments that catch one off guard.

The year is 2032. I walked into an elevator. The warm familiar sea of synthesized soundwaves surged through my synapses, sending myself into a state of serendipity.

Of course it would. In 2017 it was trendy to sample elevator music. Trendy becomes popular. Popular becomes overplayed. Overplayed becomes bland. Bland becomes elevator music. It went full circle.

Or the above is all nonsense and it was just some folks over at Arkane Studios who know what they’re doing.

Anyway, the audio design in Prey is really good.


Gurman Singh, Software Marketing Coordinator


I spent a lot of time in the apartment at the start of the game. The amount of depth is incredible with so much interaction with daily objects. As I left the room, I couldn’t help but think that this was going to be a peaceful game because helicopter ride was beautiful. After meeting the doctor at the facilities, going through his experiments and watching a large alien attack him, I thought the game reset as I heard my alarm clock go off again, just like the start. Walking out of the room, I noticed the technician on the ground and picked up the wrench, my first weapon. I went back in the room, finding the balcony locked when I tried to open it. I decided that I might as well break the glass to escape, and as my wrench hit the glass, time slowed—revealing that this environment isn’t what I thought it was.


BioGenx2b, Red Team Plus Broadcaster

The Mimics in the game so far are probably my favorite enemy, and there are a lot of great moments with them. They’re so sneaky and menacing! I walked into a room and saw a thermos on the table and another nearby, and had to consider, “Why would anyone leave a thermos upright on the floor next to a table instead of on top of it?” Sure enough, I was right—a moment later, I was fighting to not get my face ripped off as I had misjudged a fallen chair near it. It’s like playing a big game of “spot what’s wrong in this room or lose an eye”.



Jason Megit, Technical Marketing Manager

I began playing FPS games in the late 90s when the genre was either an action-packed experience or an explorative, story-driven one. I gravitated towards exploration, and what strikes me right away about Prey is how much the environment encourages exploration. As a completionist, each room I venture into is exciting!

So rather than one moment, I enjoy a series of moments in Prey where most objects or entities in a room are interact- able, moveable or a part of the puzzle. Comparing back to the 90s days of FPS gaming, I truly believe that we’re spoiled now and Prey has the amazing combination of action-packed FPS madness with exploration, puzzles, storyline, and an immense skill and weapon system.


So, there you go. We’re still working our way through Prey, so I’m sure we’ll come across many more of these moments as we play through.

How far did you get into Prey? Was there a moment that left you speechless? Tell us in the comments below (though, do be mindful of spoilers).

If you haven’t started Prey yet, you can grab it now on Steam for $59.99 USD.

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Annie Lee,

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