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A few weeks ago, we sent out this tweet:

Then, proud GPU owners’ photos came flooding in—and we went on a nostalgia trip with these “retro GPUs”. Some of them are only a few years old, but it’s still nice to look back at the cards that once seemed mint and brand-new.

Take a look the photos the owners sent of the cards they kept around.


Jarrod (@JarrodsTech)’s MSI R5870:

Stefan (@Misel)’s Rage 128:

Camilo (@MrFusterCluck)’s Sapphire HD 3850:

@Beccdoor‘s HD 3870:

Josh (@joshdalemon)’s HD 4850 Toxic:

Richard (@schlegelrichard)’s MSI X850 XT:

Harry (@cuttsharry123)’s HD 7990 and 9200:

Emilio (@Emilio_ARG)’s HD 5770:

Dave (@Leviathanprim3)’s Radeon 9550:

Øyvind (@Mastromical)’s collection:

Alexander (@grafptitsyn)’s Sapphire HD 4870:

Clint (@Icebug)’s Mach 32:

Stephen O’Brien (@TPJerematic)’s Sapphire HD 2600 Pro:

What Radeon graphics card do you still have lying around? Share with us in the comments below.

*All photographs are property of the tagged owner and have been shared with us for this blog.
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  • Steve Hoppitt

    I still have a HD6990 in my sim racing setup (which I bought new), and a 6950 in my desktop PC. I also have a 5850 in the spares cupboard, in it’s original box. Still have the boxes for the 6990 and 6950 as well. I couldn’t tell you what other ‘oldies’ I have stored away.

  • Sam Huelsnitz

    I still have an ATI Radeon HD 5850

  • Braeden La France

    i have two! HD 5450

  • Kyrian Painault

    Still have an ASUS ATI Radeon X1950Pro!

  • Ulisses

    Just switched a problematic graphic card for an old HD 5670 i have nearly for 7 years now….. “vintage” tech, smooth performance, ideal for my needs. The 5670 were stored back in its original package, and went through heavy dust and heavy heat during many years, in shelves, boxes and even 1 year on a trunk of a car….once i removed it from its package and installed in a windows 10 machine, it was in a brand new state, literally, so great package concealment. Works as a charm. Reliable as hell. Great job, ATI. Radeon ftw.

  • Daniel Loveless

    I’m still rockin’ two R9 290’s in my new Ryzen build; they make a great pair!

  • Ricardo Botelho

    I have a HD 5770, It was my first GPU Gamer!

  • AMDStriko

    ATI Radeon 9600XT 256MB!!
    Still works as a charm, I have it for full 15 years!! That’s a great product!! Vintage as Hell! 🙂

  • Deighton

    Memories of good ol’ ATi. Wow, they were flawless in those days. Even the PC to TV card with coax connector!

  • Aldorino Adhisasmita

    I still have my MSI Radeon HD 7850 Twin Frozr but it died. 🙁

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