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Futuristic RPG with elements of Dark Souls? It’s a curious combination. Once you actually boot up and dive deep into The Surge, it only takes moments to know the game has a personality of its own.

Developed by Deck13 and published by Focus Home Interactive, The Surge is a raw, gritty yet polished title, a marriage of fluid controls with engaging visuals. The game employs visceral and challenging combat, combining the looming feeling of danger as you carefully tread your way through the futuristic ruins you find yourself in, keeping watch from every direction to spot horrifying exosuit-laced enemies.

For a dystopian game, it’s pretty distinct. You start the game as Warren, ready to start your new employment with CREO Foundations. Of course, the overly cheerful nature of the video clip playing as you near the building is enough to tip you off—you begin to feel uneasy, and everything seems… hollow.

I’ll spare you further story-specific details so you can check out how the game pulls you in for yourself. What I will note of the gameplay that follows is something that truly sets it apart from the Souls franchise: the looting system. The Surge wraps you up in this system instantly, and it’s a ton of fun. So how does it work?

Each time you get into a fight with an enemy, you can target a specific limb which will drop the loot they were carrying on that limb. With enough flurries, you get a highly satisfying finishing move (enhanced by a slick slow-mo) with a reward by the end. It’s a cool way to collect items to fill your inventory, build armor and weapons, etc., something that easily has you coming back to enemy fights.

It also makes you feel pretty damn powerful.

Of course, you will die a lot in the game. Enemies’ blows are lethal, with two or three hits enough to wipe you out and have you start over. But that’s part of the fun.

We decided to capture some of the game’s footage on Radeon ReLive, the easy-to-use streaming tool in Radeon Software. Check out our gameplay compilation, captured exclusively on Radeon™ ReLive by Radeon Software Gaming Evangelist, Jake Francis:


And take a look at the game’s trailer here:


Ready to dive in? The Surge is out now for PC and you can pick it up on Steam for $49.99 USD.

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