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It’s finally here!

Today marks the launch of a new title I’ve been excited about, No Man’s Sky from Hello Games.

4K No Man's Sky

We are pretty excited here at AMD, and we’ve been hard at work making sure the experience is awesome for all of you with Radeon graphics in your system.

For gamers lucky enough to have a Radeon RX 470 or higher, here are some recommended settings we came up with to get you a smooth experience when exploring those 18 quintillion planets!


One thing to note is that No Man’s Sky uses its own shader compilation method that seems to cause some strong frame-rate swings during the first instance of the game. Typically we allowed the frame times to settle first before compiling frame-rates.

20160812152355_1It’s been a good summer so far, but it is going to be a lot of fun over the next few weeks as some really big titles, such as No Man’s Sky, hit the PC market.  So grab the latest updates for your Radeon graphics card and crank up those settings for some really intense gaming!


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