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Capture, stream and share your greatest gaming wins.

Pull off some clutch victory? Seize the moment with Radeon ReLive – AMD’s most powerful tool for capturing high-quality videos, screenshots and livestreams with your friends.

Capture and Record, Seamlessly.

With the power of hardware acceleration, Radeon ReLive lets you capture gameplay up to 4K and with frame rates up to 60FPS with minimal performance impact. You can switch from AVC video encoding to HEVC for much lower file sizes at the same bitrate.1 Upload your latest highlights and let them be a conversation piece.

Instant Replay

Miss a moment? With Radeon ReLive’s Instant Replay enabled, you can capture your highlight moments. It stores up to 20-minutes of your latest gameplay and saves directly to your hard drive.

Easily Livestream Gameplay

Radeon ReLive makes streaming your games easy. With one-click, you can start livestreaming high-quality footage to Twitch, YouTube Live, or virtually any platform with custom stream keys. Personalize your stream with custom overlays, System Info overlays or webcam.

Free, no registration required

Download the latest version of Radeon Settings to check out what’s new.

How to Enable Radeon ReLive?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Radeon ReLive is not supported on systems with 2GB VRAM memory or less.

Radeon ReLive is in Beta. Support in 32-bit operating systems is “as-is” and without support.

Yes, Windows 7 needs to have Aero/DWM enabled to function.

No, Radeon ReLive should not install (in Windows® 10) and will not function (in Windows 7) on PowerExpress / Hybrid Graphics (Switchable Graphics) & Detachable Graphics (XConnect) configurations.

Radeon ReLive works for multi monitor configurations; however Radeon ReLive is not supported on: AutoSLS/MST/Tiled 4K/5K displays, Eyefinity display configurations, 8K VSR enabled and Wireless Displays.

Radeon ReLive is supported for single display recording only.

Radeon ReLive does not support recording of play viewed through Virtual Reality Headsets.

Recording of Vulkan and OGL games is not supported in exclusive full screen. They may (or may not) record in borderless or windowed mode.

Yes; however when running Radeon ReLive in AMD CrossFire technology mode, users may experience less scaling performance than they would experience when Radeon ReLive is disabled.

Recording of “protected content” is NOT supported.

Dolby®/DTS encoded Audio is not supported with Radeon ReLive recording.

Audio configuration must be set before Radeon ReLive recording is started.

No. Recording with Radeon ReLive & Microsoft® Game DVR simultaneously is unsupported.

A 3rd party decoder will be required to play any recorded content in Windows 7 as the codec is not included with Windows 7 by default.

Yes, at minimum Video Coding Engine 1.0 support is required for Radeon ReLive functionality

  1. HEVC

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