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The next level of sync

Response Time (ms) when Frame Rate is Higher than Refresh Rate

Response Time
Enhanced Sync VSync ON VSync OFF

Enhanced sync enables low latency gameplay at virtually any framerate and a tear-free experience when your favorite game’s framerate exceeds your display’s refresh rate.

Ultra-fast, tear-free gaming

Unlock your VSync. Enhanced sync technology delivers a tear-free experience when framerate exceeds your display’s refresh rate at an ultra-low latency to take your E-Sports gaming to the next level.

Virtually Stutter-free

Decrease stutter and increase responsiveness.

Enhanced sync technology delivers liquid smooth gameplay by focusing on latency at a low framerate. 1

Enhanced Sync Technology + Radeon FreeSync™

A seamless tear-free experience.

Complement your Radeon FreeSync™ range by enabling a tear-free experience above your Radeon FreeSync™ range. 2

Enhanced sync currently works for games using DirectX® 9, DirectX® 10, DirectX® 11, and DirectX® 12. Enhanced Sync does not support OpenGL® or Vulkan®.

Enhanced eync currently supports Radeon™ RX 400, RX 500 series and RX Vega GPUs.

No, enhanced sync does not support multimedia applications and may cause flicker or other undesirable behaviors. If you experience issues with multimedia playback, please add the application to game manager and disable enhanced sync or enable enhanced sync specifically within the games you play.

  1. Testing conducted by AMD Performance Labs as of July 10, 2017 on the 8GB Radeon RX 580 with Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.7.2, on a test system comprising of Intel i7 7700K CPU (4.2 GHz), 16GB DDR4-3000 Mhz system memory, and Windows 10 x64 using the game Overwatch on the epic preset. PC manufacturers may vary configurations, yielding different results. At 3840X2160, Radeon Software Crimson Edition driver 17.7.2 and 8GB Radeon RX 580 with Enhanced Sync ON had a 4.2ms2 variance and VSync ON had a 50.4ms2 variance, which is 92% lower variance. All times an average of 3 test runs. Results are estimates and may vary. Performance may vary based on use of latest drivers. RS-151
  2. Radeon FreeSync™ technology is designed to eliminate stuttering and/or tearing in games and videos by locking a display’s refresh rate to the frame rate of the graphics card. Radeon FreeSync™ technology compatible monitor and a compliant Radeon™ GPU and/or AMD A-Series APU are required. A list of supported hardware and compatible monitors is available at Check with your component or system manufacturer for specific capabilities. GD-67

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