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You’ve heard us talk about Radeon RX Vega: the next-generation architecture, new geometry engine, high bandwidth cache, 4K gaming, next-level VR and a fantastic ecosystem with Radeon™ FreeSync technology.

But now, after unveiling our next high-end generation of Radeon graphics cards at SIGGRAPH 2017, Radeon RX Vega hits shelves today and are now available for enthusiast gamers everywhere.

We’ve uncovered the coming extreme gaming era two weeks ago. We showed off the bundles you can get, to enter into a great gaming ecosystem. We’ve shown how others are rallying around Radeon RX Vega. Now, it’s time for you to experience it for yourself.

The Choice is Yours


Check the following etailers for the Radeon RX Vega 64  graphics card:

Newegg (USA)

Amazon (USA)


Be sure to check back on this blog for more links.

Read up on our available bundles—Radeon Red Pack ($499 USD), Radeon Black Pack ($599 USD) and Radeon Aqua Pack ($699)—if you’re interested in grabbing a full gaming ecosystem along with your Radeon RX Vega 64 graphics card. See the full details on the bundles here.

Show Off Your Station

Once you claim a Radeon RX Vega graphics card as your own, you’ll want to show off your rig… and we want to see it.

Tag us with your rig on Twitter or Instagram with #RXVega—we’ve entered into this era together, and we want to be a part of this chorus for the next-generation, powerhouse battle stations in the PC gaming space.

Gear up for tomorrow’s games—learn more about why Radeon RX Vega is the graphics card for you and how it’ll prepare you for this extreme era of PC gaming.

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  • BlazeK_AMDRT

    Finally 🙂 now we wait for Navi 😛

  • Patrick Ewalt

    Rejoice and MAKE DAT NOISE YA’LL! Great Job AMD, Radeon, Lisa, and Raja et. al! We couldn’t be gaming without you…Thanks!

  • Simon

    Yea nice work guys.. about time… 😉 but glad you made it to market!. 😛 should be interesting what they can achieve with a few more driver optimizations.

  • Larry

    sigh waited all night nothing comes up goes to bed for a few hours and now everything’s already sold out….awesome sauce.

  • jordan braun

    Where can I buy a vega, sold out on newegg and amazon 🙁

  • ShinWRX


  • Jeramye

    Nice work but couldn’t quite make the cut on securing a card. Refreshed for hours starting at 12am. Welcome back to the party.

  • Markus Braun

    After being a regular costumer of AMD/ATI products, who assembled a new Ryzen PC in March, been waiting on Vega since, and now the 499$ Vega 64 is going for 649€(761.90 USD) in Germany.
    A 260$ up marked price makes it “no competition”. And if the rumored “Special Launch Price Only” is true it’s a huge back-stab on the gaming fans, and it wouldn’t feel any regret going with team green. Feels bad, and a shame for my Freesync monitor.

  • edelhamster

    509€ + 30€ shipping costs – order it within the EU in France @ without any taxes for shipping to germany. That´s my way after 2 x FuryX.

    @ Radeon – Go on with your great Radeon Chill Feature – that´s the reason why I ´ve ordered my VEGA

  • Dylan Golden

    AMD. I have two 290x to have brought during the time the R9 3xx were around and I have to say you havne’t fix the problems with miner out there. They are the biggest abuse of your graphic card to be use as a mining drilling tools until it get close to burn out and sell it for the same or less price for a mark up of whatever card they paided for it. To not aquire any stock at retail store is stuning. Not use for graphic, not for picture, not for gaming, but as a slave units to uses it close to death and keep buying new one. You would be happy for miner to keep buying it, but not me. You are on the verdge of losing so many gamer and eturist, including me. You had have 4 years since Miner took all the 290x card back in 2013 and continue to rinse and repeats to still not have a separate card toward miner or a Locks on the programe they are using for mining.

    To be honest, I’m not mad about it. I wasn’t going to get a refence card because I knew Miner will take it in bundle and left all gamer in the dust with overprice AMD card and untrustworthly of used AMD card on Ebay, CragList, and I can go on. But when XFX make those cards from you and it get solded out at mark up prices like the refence card. You lose me and other to be waiting for Vega for so long to be taking aways from our finger tips and prices of the 56 to not be as high as 1080 refence, otherwise I would go for Nvidia next year. I love my 290x Crossfire and waiting for Vega was worth for your market price, however in the hand of the stores that hold your products, they gotten aways with Miner.

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