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The Game Awards 2017 is right around the corner! With 102 games and people nominated this year, it’s poised to be a thrilling splash for gamers globally—not to mention, it’s the perfect wrap-up to celebrate a fantastic year of video games.

And hey, we’re all gamers and excited for The Game Awards. We got together for a roundtable and shared which game we really hoped would win an award—take a look below and share with us if you agree.

Annie Lee – Sr. Specialist, Content Marketing

I feel very strongly about Persona 5 picking up an award. The Persona series is exceptional and it’s been picking up steam with western audiences, but it remains niche—taking an award would give a distinct credibility to its name.

The category I hope they get recognized for is Best Art Direction. Persona 5’s palette and design, from the menu and iconic battle screen (which became a viral meme), are fireworks to your visual senses. It’s mature enough to distinguish from Persona 4 (which is also incredible) but doesn’t lose its Persona identity within the franchise, striking that perfect balance between familiar and fresh.

Indy Zhao – PEY, Radeon Product Team

I need to give a shoutout to Superhot VR in the category Best VR/AR Game. Superhot VR is such a gem in the still-small library of VR games. There’s something intrinsically addicting about slashing your way through waves of pixelated red humanoids. From the satisfying matrix-style bullet-time to the incredibly immersive transition scenes, Superhot VR makes it hard to take off the headset. It’s become the go-to game I load up when my friends ask to try VR for the first time.

Peter Ross – Sr. Manager, Game Marketing Strategy

My pick of 2017 goes to Wolfenstein® II: The New Colossus™.  I selected the game in all four categories it was nominated in: Best Game Direction, Best Narrative, Best Performance (Brian Bloom as BJ Blazkowicz), Best Action Game and it would certainly be my game of the year if it had been nominated. (It should have been!)

This was the most fun I’ve had on my PC in a while.  The game has just enough “openness” for options to complete missions, excellent voice acting and a story that I honestly wanted to hear and see the characters perform to completion.  There was a good blend of campy dialog and the serious inner monologs from BJ as he became beaten down in the first half of the story.

Even after completing the game I was compelled to go back and finish off most of the assassination missions.  So in summary, 12 hours well spent, 45% achievement completion, played a level in “Wolfstone 3D”, and now an itching to head back and try to survive on “Mein leben”…or maybe just “I am death incarnate!”.

Jake Francis – Product Management Specialist

My nomination for Game of the Year goes to Super Mario Odyssey. Super Mario Odyssey is just plain good fun – a game filled with charisma, charm, and legendary environment design. It’s the accessibility where you have many options to complete the same objectives I enjoy most: I can do it the “normal way”, simple enough for gamers of all ages, or use the full depth of player control mechanics to complete those objectives in a more impressive and satisfying fashion.

When replaying levels I’ll discover many collectibles that I somehow missed, sparking a new adventure to go hunt them down, and with enjoyable game design from the obvious to the subtle, it never feels like a chore. A rarity for me. I see Super Mario Odyssey as an example of what many games try to be – an art form perfected.

You can follow Jake Francis’ streams on

Matthew Wilcox – GFX Stress & Prof Technologist

My nomination for Best Role Playing Game goes to Divinity: Original Sin 2.

My internet at home is borderline unusable, so I’m always looking for an engaging experience at my own pace with no concerns of internet speed or lag spikes. The game has breathtaking visuals, smooth animations and a clever character creation system for endless playthroughs. The characters (even the animals, if you get the skill to talk to them) are stunning, full of wit and wise-cracks. I’ve finished a few playthroughs and I’m still finding new ways to experience adventures. Next will be an Elf Witchdoctor with pet Giant Spider.

The game includes a Dungeon Master mode where you can literally create scripted adventures for your friends to experience, like your favourite tabletop RPGs of old—so get yourself some passable internet and join the battle with friends!

Do you agree with our picks for The Game Awards? Share with us the one you think should walk away with an award in the comments below. Make sure you also get your vote in before the ceremony!

Make sure you tune in to The Game Awards live on December 7, on your phone, TV or computer. See here on how to watch the show live.

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