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Four days of games, prizes and panels—thousands descended upon Boston for PAX East on April 4 to 8, which meant each day was filled to the brim of passionate fans hopping from booth to booth inside the gigantic Boston Convention Centre.

Throughout the four days, we ran the FreeSync Challenge where attendees tried the setup for a chance to win the ultrawide Samsung CHG90, a beastly 49” FreeSync-capable monitor.

We had 666 total attendees try the Challenge (yes, we counted and double-checked—it’s 666), which was set up with two identical systems—except one monitor had FreeSync enabled, while the other didn’t. An overwhelming majority of attendees (585/666 or 88%) said they preferred playing on the system with the FreeSync-capable monitor1.

After tallying all attendees who tried the Challenge, we’re excited to announce the randomly chosen winner to walk away with a brand new monitor:

Robb Armstrong from Massachusetts

Congratulations on your gorgeous, new monitor!

We asked him for a comment on his new prize, and he sent over his thoughts: “I’m honestly in awe in regards to the monitor. Going from a dual monitor setup to this widest of ultrawides will take some getting used to, but games playing in its native resolution look out of this world.”

A huge thank you to all who participated!

Take a look at our gallery below from our four days at PAX East. Thank you to all who came by the booth and talked with us—we look forward to meeting up with other AMD fans at future events!

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  1. In an informal total random sample of 666 people conducted by AMD between 4/5-4/8, 2018 at PAX East in Boston MA. A blind test was conducted with two identical systems running Far Cry 5 Ultra settings @ 1440p: AMD Ryzen™ 5 1400, 8GB DDR4 memory, Radeon™ RX 580, Radeon Software 18.3.4 and Windows 10 (64bit). Radeon Freesync Monitor: AOC AGON AG271QX. 2560x1440. Each test ran 2 minutes. 585 people preferred the Radeon FreeSync™ enabled system, while 81 people preferred the Non-Radeon FreeSync system. In percentages, 88% preferred the Radeon FreeSync system, 12% preferred the Non-Radeon FreeSync system. All participants received AMD promotional material. GRT-14