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Hey, strategy fans! If you’re anything like me, “just one more turn” around midnight often turns into “oh, hey, the sun is coming up.” You know what I’m talking about: Sid Meier’s Civilization®.  I’m a hopeless Civ addict, and have poured an enormous number of hours into the franchise over the years. Juuuust when I thought I’d broken my ugly Civ V habit, Firaxis and 2K sucked me right back in when they announced Civilization VI.

Besides Civ’s gameplay, I’ve also admired the Civilization franchise for its commitment to experimenting with new graphics technologies. Firaxis was one of the first to adopt DirectX® 11 and 11.1 with Civ V, along with AMD’s Mantle in Civilization: Beyond Earth. They also daringly implemented split-frame rendering in Beyond Earth. Civilization games just look great and run well as a result of the commitment to PC gaming.

It comes as no surprise, then, that this reputation is alive and well in Civilization VI. That’s right, my friends, we’re gettin’ the band back together to implement DirectX 12, explicit multi-GPU and asynchronous compute to Civilization VI when it launches on October 21. There will be a built-in benchmark, too. From the veteran HD 7970 to the brand new RX 480, we’re already working hard to bring an uncompromising experience to many years’ worth of Radeon™ graphics cards.

We’ll have lots more to say about this ambitious project on the road to release, but for now we’ll start with the official press release.


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  • Matt

    Very nice work. However I would have been more excited about a Vulkan announcement.

  • Andrew

    Sounds great! Hopefully it takes some load off the CPU and makes the game faster. Civ V was unfortunately known for rather slow turn times towards later ages when there are more units in the game.

  • Azix

    No dx12 at launch. No news from developers before or at launch either. Game seems to suffer from cpu bottleneck in dx12 especially on AMD cards. fail…

  • Felix

    Seems like AMD got shafted by the devs of this game!? DX11 performance is terrible compared to competing tier Nvidia cards.

    DX12 is MIA at launch.

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