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QuakeCon wrapped up this past Sunday, but if you were following along with us you know that each day contained so much that we had to divide up our recaps.

Without further ado, here’s what went down on day 3.

Quake World Championships Finals

Finals of anything are always enthralling to watch, but the Quake World Championships (powered by Radeon RX Vega graphics cards) finals had something magical where you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the action. Quake Champions is a speedy arena game – if you look away for one second, you’re guaranteed to miss something!

The Sacrifice Finals came down to Team 2z vs. NOTOFAST, with 2z cinching victory in the thrilling last seconds before the end. Claiming the Grand Sacrifice Championships, Team 2z member Clawz would also be battling it out in the Duel Finals against Vo0.

The Duel Finals had a poetic touch: young blood vs. old blood with Clawz, a 19-year-old player, vs. Vo0, a veteran Quake player. In the second map, Clawz claimed victory 3-0 with his impeccable aim—if you don’t believe us, just watch how he piles frags within mere seconds with that aim.

This win is a historic one for QuakeCon: helping his team to victory and emerging triumphant against Vo0, Clawz is both a Sacrifice and Duel Grand Champion at only 19 years old. Keep an eye on him: Clawz is going to have an exciting career in eSports, individually and as a part of Team 2z.



Cosplayers Galore

Day 3 was the day when cosplayers emerged, with a show scheduled on the event stage at 5:30 PM. But they couldn’t resist wandering the show floor, attracting visitors eager for photos—including us.

The Vega Giveaway Talent Show

We wanted to say thank you to our fans who came out to QuakeCon, but not before making them give us a little entertainment in return. A few lucky participants got the chance to jump on stage and show off a talent, to be judged by the audience’s cheer on who should be awarded the prizes. Hey—what’s wrong with a little fun in exchange for a Radeon RX Vega graphics card?

In the end, it was Kevin Mears who walked away with a liquid-cooled Radeon RX Vega 64 for his incredible performance of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”. It was a touching moment of unity when the audience waved their lit-up cell phones, singing along with Kevin whose remarkable voice drew in a huge audience in front of the QuakeCon event stage.

The past three days of the event may be over, but we’re not done with the spirit of QuakeCon! Our Quake bundle is available now, where you can get a Champions Pack (which includes Ruby’s skin for Nyx) if you pick up a Radeon RX 500 Series graphics card.
Not to mention a whole lot of us at AMD are having a blast with Quake Champions, so… maybe we’ll see you in the arena, if you have the courage to step in yourself.
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  • John Lahtinen

    I was there- so much fun! Can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

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