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After an exciting day one at PAX West 2017, we couldn’t wait to find out what day two had in store for us. With a Radeon RX Vega in one hand and our PAX West badge in the other, we made our way to the exhibition floor.

AMD’s booth 439 was once again packed, attendees swarming to get their hands on our Radeon and AMD Ryzen powered demos. From partner PC systems to unique Radeon RX Vega builds – everyone at PAX West couldn’t get enough of what AMD had to offer.

We ran another series of 5v5 competitions on our Radeon RX 580 systems, but this time people faced off in Dota 2. Evil Geniuses later passed by AMD’s booth for a signing session and played alongside fans as they battled to come out on top.

We were excited to pass by Bethesda’s booth and find out what they brought to PAX West. Bethesda had demos for Quake Champions, Wolfenstein II, Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – and all of them running on Radeon RX Vega powered systems.

If you haven’t passed by AMD’s booth yet, don’t miss out. We have raffle prizes, custom rigs and a group of friendly AMD’ers who would love to meet you. Make sure you follow us on social and stay tuned for more PAX West 2017 updates.

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