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To help celebrate the launch of AMD’s Polaris architecture, featured in the affordable, yet powerful, Radeon RX 480, we’ve joined with our friends at AMD Gaming to create a global experience like no other! We’ve named it The AMD Massive Rebellion Giveaway and it’s located at

For the past five years we’ve partnered with AMD Gaming to bring gamers the most advanced technologies for both extreme and casual gaming, creating a following of hardcore gamers from across the globe, gathered in a social media community we refer to as GTribe (i.e. Gaming Tribe).

We’re excited that the GTribe community can participate in this monumental launch, that inverts the pyramid approach of technology releases, and for the first time provides the masses affordable access to cutting-edge technology. This is the kind of uprising that we can all be proud to support, as it opens the doors to powerful experiences, like VR, for those of us who were somewhat neglected by the old 1% approach to technology releases.

And for those who would like a chance to get a FREE Radeon RX 480, encased in a top-of-the-line gaming PC just…

Join the Massive Rebellion giveaway at for a chance to win one of four amazing gaming PCs, all featuring the new XFX Radeon RX 480 Black Edition 8GB OC 1328 MHz GPU and more!

Join the Uprising!


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