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Ever since I fell in love with Torchlight 2, I’ve been patiently waiting for what Runic Games would deliver next.

Hob, introduced just recently, is a different beast all together for the brilliant developer, who’ve shifted from the dungeon crawling type genre of Torchlight 2, to something more complex and ingenious.  It’s a puzzle game at heart, with combat and platformer elements weaved around an intricate environment that sucks you in from the start.

The PC version of this title gives a breadth of options to configure and optimize for your setup.  You can easily push 60 fps with full details on a whole range of Radeon™ RX graphics cards, which makes this a great title for entry or enthusiasts alike.

My test system comprised of a AMD Ryzen 5 1600X and I simply played the first 5 mins of the game up until your character gets his first “weird” upgrade (it is an odd sequence for sure). Below are the settings I recommend for the different Radeon™ graphics cards.

Hob is great on most Radeon RX setups, and if you have a powerful enough card, you can really push those resolutions.

As always grab our latest drivers to ensure you’ve got the latest optimizations in the latest titles HERE.


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