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Here’s a rig that’ll surely strike the hearts of PC gamers everywhere.

GTRIBE, the world’s leading social network for PC gamers, is offering a one-of-a-kind giveaway featuring some well-known players in the PC space. Along with AMD Radeon, Logitech G, Escalation Studios, XFX, GIGABYTE, Seasonic, Swiftech, HyperX, Cooler Master, Seagate and CyberPowerPC are joining forces to give away this incredible rig to one lucky gamer:

So what exactly is that one lucky gamer getting? The Grand Prize winner is getting the PC pictured above featuring:

  • The new Ryzen 7 1800X processor
  • Not one, but two (yes, you read that right—two!) XFX Radeon RX 480 Crimson Edition graphics cards
  • An HTC VIVE Virtual Reality system, courtesy of Escalation Studios
  • Please Don’t Touch Anything 3D, courtesy of Escalation Studios

But GTribe isn’t just giving away one prize. Three First Prize winners will be chosen to receive their own CyberPowerPC Gamer Ultra VR Desktop, featuring:

  • AMD FX-Series CPU
  • AMD Radeon RX 470 graphics card

In addition, ten Second Prize winners will receive a download code for Please Don’t Touch Anything 3D, courtesy of Escalation Studios.

There are plenty of prizes up for grabs. Ready to try your luck? Entering is as easy as turning on a computer, so throw your name in the drawing now!

Edit: To celebrate reaching 125,000 entries in the giveaway, Escalation Studios is now offering their game Please, Don’t Touch Anything 3D at an astounding 40% off. Grab it now on Steam for only $8.99!


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  • Daniel Payne

    This looks awesome, I’m a huge AND fan boy and would love the be able to stream with this beast of a system.

  • james merkel

    Wow what a great prizr package

    • Andre Pervölz

      Ich kann leider kein Englisch ? Übersetzung mit Google ,,, ich würde gerne so ein großatigen Rechner mein eigen nennen ? mein PC ist im Moment leider kaputt weil ich für mein i7 Sockel 1155 leider kein Board mehr bekomme deswegen mache ich bei so vielen Gewinnspielen mit ,,,,aber bis jetzt habe ich nie Glück gehabt ??? ich würde mich wirklich riesig freuen …

  • Larry White

    Mak AMD great again with Ryzen – I have used AMD for a long time and I want to thank gtribes for offering this great Beast of a system

  • Hardik Gunjal

    The config is great, looks awesome, and RADEON name is enough.

  • Andre Pervölz

    Ich kann leider kein Englisch ? Übersetzung mit Google ,,, ich würde gerne so ein großatigen Rechner mein eigen nennen ? mein PC ist im Moment leider kaputt weil ich für mein i7 Sockel 1155 leider kein Board mehr bekomme deswegen mache ich bei so vielen Gewinnspielen mit ,,,,aber bis jetzt habe ich nie Glück gehabt ??? ich würde mich wirklich riesig freuen …

  • Francis Rey

    You guys are very helpful to all the people who need a PC! Your work is appreciate, thank you! Keep doing Amdsome stuff

  • James Higgins

    This would be a BIG upgrade from a RX 460/FX 4300 Machine. It has everything I’m am currently trying to upgrade (Keyboard, mouse, specs) If I won I’m giving my current PC to my mom who needs it for editing.

  • Nath

    So glad AMD are truly back in the game. Intel and nvidia have staggered along with each other, dragging me behind for too many years. But they best run scared cuz the enemy has Ryzen as the gTribe and fuck all is gonna stop this clique

  • Jim Zachariadis

    This strike almost killed me. Radeon you have done it again!!

  • Lblank

    Wow such a lovey beast everyone wants to have and here i am with a broken A10 ??

  • Abraham

    This is a beast of no nation a wonderful gaming rig

  • Jaime Evidente

    I had been with GTribe for so many years now. GTribe is a social media community for gamers, PC enthusiasts, tech lovers and so on, from all around the world. We are called GTribers by the way. GTribe along with its awesome sponsors like AMD, had been giving the coolest giveaways for some time now. But what I really love about GTribe is the community and the interaction between our sponsors. GTribe and its sponsors rocks!

  • Nath

    Ryzen shine. The enemies nervously await

  • Robert Burks

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this. AMD user since K6 days.

  • Andre Pervölz

    Ich würde mich freuen wenn ich so einen PC Gewinnen würde ? ich Versuche schon so lange so einen wunderbaren PC zu gewinnen ? ich möchte endlich Mal wieder mit Freunden spielen , aber leider fehlte immer das passende Kleingeld ? eventuell habe ich ja Glück ……..

  • Kim Grofman

    AMD is back in the game! I’m happy to say I have been an AMD user for years and even switched away from Intel for both my computer and the one I built for my husband. I’ve never been happier!
    Thank you AMD for making products we want and need at reasonable prices!

  • Damian Dobrzański

    I have AMD hardware since 2000. It was greate i wish to win !


    KOCHAM AMD 🙂 <3

  • Cie.kam

    AMD w końcu przestało gonić Intela na rynku sprzętu komputerowego do zabawy, a skupiło się na zastosowaniach profesionalnych! Przy stosunkowo niskiej cenie daje ogromne możliwości obliczeniowe a wszystko przy relatywnie małym poborze energii elektrycznej.
    Brawo AMD tak trzymać! “Bravo AMD Keep it up!”

  • Kamil Chudy

    Cant wiat to try out this amazing setup , Cant wiat to overclock, im a fanboy since my first PC with AMD .U guys doing the great job good luck to all fans!

  • Michail

    I have never been happier than now, to see this give away event.
    For long time I was planning to build my own AMD build, just was waiting for Vega launch.
    And today… well as funny as it sounds I had a dream that I won a change some kind off …
    And AMD send me a package for which I was waiting for long time(in a dream it felt like that). I constantly was checking post office for my delivery and it never arrived.
    And at the end I found this package at home, when I opened it and there was wooden box in which I found CPU from AMD name of which was X19 and it was written that this was only example created specially for me. I was so happy that I kneeled took this box holding above my head pointed towards sky and yelling -Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! ……
    And than ! I was woken up, call from my future brother in law , it was 01.30 pm…
    I was pistoff … But it was most memorable dream I ever had. 😀

  • MikeB

    I’m waiting 5.5 years now to upgrade my old FX-8120 and R9-280X combo.
    Now there is a reason to upgrade, i don’t have the finances. 🙁
    That is why i wait for the 1600X and Vega 11 combo……………….

    But AMD came back with a bang, congrats to you guys

  • Dominik Szałek

    Kocham amd lubie jej wydajnosc i ciesze sie ze jestem uzytkownikiem tego nadzwyczajnego sprzętu <3

  • Daniel Nowak

    Go AMD, this is your time Finally!!

  • Sebastian

    AMD make America great again, proccesor power logic work. I can use this power.

  • Mateusz

    Co raz bardziej odnoście sukces na rynku,trzymam kciuki. 😉

  • spejsgavrutin

    cant wait to get my hands on new ryzen

  • Lblank

    Lol i still got the legendry A10 6800k Apu its good but got some space dor ryzen too??

  • Yuriy

    The config is a very nice

  • Aamash Qaiser

    Can’t wait !

  • Leslie Maiden

    Two, yes two, RX480’s!! Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  • spejsgavrutin

    this rig is awesome

  • tyrone goold

    wow what a prize , I would give my gaming pc to charity if I won this killer pc 🙂

  • James Osier

    Thanks to Gaming Tribe and all their sponsors for doing this giveaway. This is an absolute powerhouse of PC and would be an awesome prize to win. Good Luck to everyone who enters because I know for sure I’ll have my fingers crossed on this giveaway without a doubt!

  • Aggelos

    This is it boys…
    This Massive Giveaway got my name on it!
    It is going to be great playing on such a beast over lan or internet!!!

  • Ahmet Tekin

    Evet, oldukça iyi görünüyor, But I have to say this

    There should have been a better graphics card for this system

    Such as a new vega

    Such a system should be able to play 4k games

    It would be great

  • Jerwin Suaris

    Well this killer PC and the Vive VR would just make my dream come true.
    I want a HTC Vive badly for my gaming and my design purposes

  • Jony Lechmann

    This looks so sick, I would love to have this beast to stream all day. My current setup isn’t great for that so I have to avoid it until I get something decent :/

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