GDC 2017: Summer of Radeon Sneak Peek

Capsaicin is the legendary component in chili peppers that adds that indescribably addictive kick to spicy foods. It elevates your favorite meal and propels your taste buds into overdrive.

We love Capsaicin because it reminds us of the magic that game and VR developers craft every day when they turn raw code into exciting, memorable and addicting experiences.

On February 28, kick off your GDC with an exclusive glimpse into the Summer of Radeon and beyond! Our feature-packed show will be highlighted by the hottest new graphics and VR technologies propelling the game industry forward – with previews of the summer’s hottest PC games and VR experiences from the biggest names in the business.

Please see below to rewatch AMD’s Capsaicin Livestream in case you missed it.

AMD GDC sessions

Advanced Graphics Techniques tutorial

Session Speaker Room Day/Time Link
D3D12 and Vulkan Done Right Gareth Thomas (AMD) 2006 Monday
Wave Programming in D3D12 and Vulkan David Lively (AMD) & Holger Gruen (NVIDIA) 2006 Monday
Async Compute – Deep Dive Alex Dunn (NVIDIA) & Stephan Hodes (AMD) 2006 Monday
Cinematic Depth of Field Karl Hillesland (AMD) 2006 Monday
16:00- 17:00

Other sessions

Session Speaker Room Day/Time Link
D3D12 & Vulkan: Lessons learned Matthaeus Chajdas (AMD) 2020 Wednesday
9.30-   10.30
Advanced Shader Programming on GCN Timothy Lottes (AMD) 3009 Wednesday
14.00- 15.00
Real-Time Finite Element Method (FEM) and TressFX 4.0 Eric Larsen (AMD) & Dongsoo Han (AMD) 3009 Wednesday
15.30-  16.30
Explicit DirectX 12 Multi GPU rendering Raul Aguaviva (AMD) & Dan Baker (Oxide Games) 3009 Thursday 10:00- 11:00 Register
True Audio Next and Multimedia AMD APIs in games and VR applications development Mikhail Mironov (AMD) & Pavel Siniavine (AMD) 3009 Thursday 11:30-  12:30 Register
Radeon ProRender and Radeon Rays in a Gaming rendering workflow Dmitry Kozlov (AMD) & Takahiro Harada (AMD) 3009 Thursday 14:45-  15:45 Register
Optimizing for AMD Ryzen CPU Kenneth Mitchell (AMD) & Elliot Kim (AMD) 3009 Thursday 16:00- 17:00 Register





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