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With our ongoing Radeon Rig Challenge, we’ve been seeing more and more beautiful Radeon-powered rigs go up on Our #BetterRed team sure knows how to build a rig—refined, efficient and powerful.

Our next featured Radeon Rig comes from Frédéric St. Pierre, who was happy to share the story behind his rig, “Polar Horizon“.

What game or franchise got you into PC gaming?

I’m a huge fan of strategy and simulation games. What made me want to do a PC build back in 2011 was to play Flight Simulator X, Starcraft II and at the time Far Cry 3.


What made you want to put together your first rig?

I was more attracted by PC games than any other game on console. Yes, sometimes I still miss Microsoft games like Forza and Halo, but it looks like it’s now a thing of the past! I love understanding how things work. When you build a PC instead of buying one, you will learn interesting stuff and have the ability to repair it yourself in the future if something happens. You will end up saving tons of money and you will have the pride of saying to your friends and family that you made this PC.

PC building is an art. It’s what I like to do in my free time.  So far in 5 years, I made a total of 12 PCs: for myself, my girlfriend, my family and some friends.

What resources did you use to build your rig?

I used Dazmode a lot. They have a great selection of water cooling. I also use ca.pcpartpicker to help me find the best price of each part. The best advice I can give to anybody, no matter the experience, is to simply ask questions. If you are not sure of something, you have a ton of forums, videos and a lot of people who can answer your questions. There is no stupid question. The only thing stupid is not asking them because if you do something wrong, you’ll only penalize yourself.


Which part of your rig did you spend the most time deciding on getting?

Deciding how to make my custom loop in my H440. It took me a couple days to decide how to make my loop and how to mount my reservoir.

What made you choose Radeon?

You do not choose a Radeon video card, you simply buy one. AMD offers amazing value for what you are getting. I couldn’t say enough great things about AMD’s video card. First, just look at how well all of their video card is made. The PCB is overkill. VRAM: AMD put a lot of VRAM in their card. It made them a really great long-term choice and just look at how my R9 290X is still rocking recent games!

My card is 3 years old and I don’t regret a second of buying it in all those years. This is the reason why I will buy their new Vega card as soon as possible when they will release it. I’m planning to do a full Red Team Vega/Zen build when they will be released. AMD doesn’t only design their product for the present—they design it for the future!


What are some interesting facts about your rig? Are there any ways you personalized your rig that you’re proud of?

I removed the HDD bay of my H440 and put a dual 360mm radiator. Not a lot of people did this with their H440. I’m not a big fan of the full tower. They are too big and take up too much space for me. I used every centimeter of this case and I think it looks gorgeous.

What game are you playing now?

Right now, I’m looking to play some games I missed in the past year. In the upcoming week, I’ll try to complete the DarkSiders and the Mass effect series. Every week, I’m always playing Starcraft and Dota 2 with my friends.

Which upcoming title are you most excited for?

I’m currently waiting for Mass Effect Andromeda, South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Halo Wars 2, because I love the Halo series and I’m a fan of strategy games. It’s a good thing Microsoft brings their games to Windows.



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  • WhiskeyFoxtrot

    “I’m planning to do a full Red Team Vega/Zen build when they will be released.” Finally – maybe we’ll see full AMD based Radeon rigs for a change!

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