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When we started the Featured Radeon Rig mission in October, we had one goal: to spread the word of the Radeon Rebellion. You were our advocates, submitting your Radeon-powered rigs on to show the world the power of #BetterRed—and we received submissions by the hundreds. We circulated the challenge internally with our own staff at AMD and with our larger audiences, the Radeon fans and gamers, calling for these rigs to flood PCPartPicker.

We looked through all of the submissions as they came in, and wanted to give the chance to highlight one to the community. Anil Harwani, employee at AMD, gives us the story behind his meticulously crafted PC.

So, what’s the story behind your rig?

The background for this story is simple.

I had a great computer in my home town in Mumbai, India but AMD gave me a great opportunity to move to Austin, TX for work. I could not transport my original system (named Red Devil) based on Corsair 900D since it was very fragile.


Once I moved to Austin and saved some money, the first thing I did was to build a system for my daily use.

The goal of the system was:

  1. To have a great gaming experience.
  2. To have a great performance in GPGPU applications under Linux & windows.
  3. To have great thermal performance; Austin can get pretty hot in the summers, so I wanted a ton of cooling to ensure stability.
  4. To have options for upgrades; that’s the point of building a PC 🙂 It’s like a project car. There is always an upgrade on the horizon (for example, AMD Zen).
  5. To make it easy to clean and maintain; all Intake positive pressure with filters to ensure easy maintenance at the cost of some thermal performance.

I also selected the legendary Nidec Servo fans for being the best in class thermal/noise and reliability. Seriously, these fans are the best (side note: the Fury X uses fans from the same vendor).

Finally, I chose the orange color scheme since most manufacturers have abused the red and black scheme, so I wanted something extra ordinary and clean looking.


What game or franchise got you into PC gaming?

The original game that really forced me to keep upgrading my PC was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I used to organize LAN events for Call of Duty 4 as an intern with AMD in India, which really introduced me to the gaming community 🙂

What made you want to put together your first rig?

I am from Mumbai, India, which is generally a very hot environment and high ambient temperatures used to ensure cheap computer parts die. This got me into the habit of choosing my own components and building my own computers.

As they say, failure is the ultimate teacher.

What resources did you use to build your rig?

My friends in India are fellow enthusiasts. They helped with the system component choices. A lot of reading on forums helped as well. Sites like are good resources for reading up on custom water components.


Which part of your rig did you spend the most time deciding on getting?

This one might sound funny. The most time I spent was on the fan configuration and radiator selection, since these choices affect the system acoustic performance the most.

What made you choose Radeon?

HBM memory. I write a lot GPGPU applications for fun at home 🙂 HBM offers literally jaw dropping memory bandwidth capability especially for small size FFT workloads, not to mention it’s no slouch for gaming either.

What are some interesting facts about your rig? Are there any ways you personalized your rig you’re proud of?

Most folks consider custom water loops hard to upgrade and and choose AIO solutions. I disagree with this approach by proving the best of cooling performance and system serviceability. With the clever use of Quick Disconnects which sits in between the GPU and CPU, these allow me to upgrade my motherboard, CPU or GPU, in minutes just like a normal system.

The cleverness in this solution is the fact that if you notice the lengths of the tubing, you will find that if tomorrow AMD launches a new GPU for which the water block is not available, I don’t have to wait. I can run the new GPU on Air or its own water loop which bypasses my loop with use of QDC’s.

What game are you playing on your rig currently?

Two major games: Battlefield 1 and Forza Horizon 3. I have Rocket League installed, but have too much work in the office to play nowadays and weekends are now being spent on programming tasks.

Which upcoming title are you most excited for?

Mass Effect Andromeda 🙂


See here for details on how to participate in the Featured Radeon Rig challenge and the chance to have your rig featured on

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    So much jelly Desi bro ????????

    • ramin

      please say parts mode? CPU?GPU?SSD? and all

  • Cristiano Siqueira

    I kneww it!! Mass Effect FTW!! Amazing Rig Friend, hope one day i can have one like this as well 🙂

  • Cyril

    Really nice design Anil! Good work.

  • Praveen Kumar

    Hatts off to your creative mind and passion for games. Aiming to build one in future.
    Please Share info to if it’s okay.
    God bless you.

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