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It gets cold in Toronto around this month, but the chill didn’t stop gamers from descending by the masses to the two-day Radeon™ ExtravaLANza alongside MediaXP last weekend.

The event took over the heart of downtown Toronto in Liberty Village, inviting technology and gaming enthusiasts to gather together and do what we all love: game.

With VR demos, rows of stunning PCs and tournaments for DOTA 2, CS:GO and Super Smash Bros. 4, ExtravaLANza was a constant buzz of thrilled cheers, furious mouse clicks and in-game fighting sounds echoing throughout the action-packed days. Partners CLX, ASUS, Canada Computers, Cooler Master and EGLX joined the chorus, helping to make the Toronto LAN party a tremendous success.

Browse through our ExtravaLANza 2017 gallery to catch all the cool moments!

All photos were taken by AMD’s Michael Politano.

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