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eSports has gained massive popularity in recent times and watching players battle in competitive tournaments has become a popular past time for fans of these games. To put things in perspective the Worlds 2015, a League of Legends competitive event had 36 million unique and 14 million peak concurrent viewers. Top events in 2015 had more than 111 million unique viewers combined!



The International, a Dota™ 2 competitive event is being held now at KeyArena in Seattle with a prize pool of more than $20 million. Multiple arenas in metropolises like Paris, Brussels, London, Berlin and Toronto are booked for viewing parties where spectators can enjoy the battles together and cheer for their teams.




VR is changing the way we interact with video games and digital media creating a new paradigm of interactive and intuitive experiences possible from your living room. The Dota 2 VR Hub is the latest addition where eSports enthusiasts can drop in on the live action and enjoy Dota 2 games currently being played at The International Dota 2 Championships. Social aspects are built into the VR Hub where up to 16 viewers can talk to each other in private and public lobbies. The real fascinating feature is the ability to drop in and walk around in a Dota 2 match. Yes, you can actually click anywhere on the map and teleport right into the action! The VR Theatre allows viewers to watch live matches, replays and streams. I have been watching live matches from The International on my Radeon RX 480 equipped system and this is one of the best looking VR experiences I have tried. Below are a couple of screenshots I took during a live match!



  1. Install Dota 2 on Steam
  2. In your Steam Library, select Dota 2
  3. Under the DLC section of the library page, click the checkbox to enable the Dota VR Hub
  4. When running from the desktop, run Dota 2 as normal. A popup will appear that lets you choose whether to run Dota 2 or the Dota VR Hub. If running from within SteamVR, Dota VR will automatically boot when you choose “Play in VR”


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