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E3 is here, and so far it’s been pure gaming overload! I joined Annie Lee from Radeon Technologies Group to attend the major press conferences and now we’re hitting the show floor to capture the sights and sounds of the annual gaming convention.


Come on down to Bethesdaland!


It all kicked off with the Bethesdaland showcase, a carnival split into themed areas modeled after Bethesda franchises like DOOM, Prey, and Quake Champions. We checked out flaming drinks, watched intricate balloon Vault Boys get created before our eyes, had caricature artists put our likeness into the world of Dishonored, and witnessed some intense after-dark Quake Champions matches.


The icing on the cake were reveals of The Evil Within 2, DOOM VFR, and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus on a massive outdoor screen.


Ubisoft Makes Us Cry


The Ubisoft booth is absolutely massive.


The pre-E3 excitement ramped up at the Ubisoft conference, where we literally wept tears of happiness at the announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2, saw some intense live gameplay from Far Cry 5, and even cheered on the legend himself – Shigeru Miyamoto – as he took the stage in a surprise appearance.


Alienware Lights Up The Warehouse District



Later that night we headed to the Warehouse District and partied with Alienware at Alienware Live. Between the DJ, Radeon GPU giveaways, AMD-themed drinks, VR demos, a livestream of Square Enix Collective’s Oh My Godheads, 360 photos, and a customizable backpack creation station, it was an awesome way to spend the evening.


Hitting the E3 Show Floor


On Tuesday we loaded up on hand sanitizer, caffeine, and an iron will to survive the crowds, and navigated through the colossal billboards and unreleased games. You’ll see blogs featuring the sights and sounds from the show floor, so stay tuned because we have a lot more E3 goodies to show you.


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