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Which PC gamer hasn’t found themselves staying up late, just trying to get a little further in a Civilization game, only to realize that the morning was fast approaching?  The popular series has long been in the top 10 charts of PC Gamers, and Civilization VI looks like it is going to continue that trend.

To play this game at very high settings, the requirements are:

  • OS:Windows 7 64bit / 8.1 64bit / 10 64bit
  • Processor: AMD FX 8350 4.0 Ghz or 4th gen Intel Core i5 2.5 Ghz or greater
  • Memory:8 GB RAM
  • Hard drive:12 GB or more
  • Video card:2 GB DirectX 11 Video Card (AMD Radeon HD 7970 or Nvidia 770 or greater)

The latest DirectX® 12 update to Civilization VI enables a Radeon RX 460 or higher to play smoothly at High settings and above. Generally I’ve used 40fps or higher as a good bar of performance even though I’d argue that these types of games look great over 30fps.  With so many fine details, I’d recommend setting a decent level of AA if you are playing below Ultra HD (2160p) resolutions.


Even though there is a benchmark in the game, I used a late save game with many units on the screen to conduct my testing.  This way I could pan around the scene,  and judge how smooth the experience was. I made sure that the experiences were fairly repeatable and I’ve outlined below the ideal gameplay settings.




Overall the results using DirectX® 12 were much higher than what I experienced when the title was first released.   The latest version now enables smoother performance at higher settings.  At times, my original recommended settings with that earlier version involved lowering or disabling Ambient Occlusion, or changing the resolution of shadows down to their lowest values.  With the DirectX® 12 version of Civilization VI, I was able to simply set the presents along with realistic AA ranges to get great performance.

For those of you lucky enough to get the chance to play Civilization VI,  be sure to grab the latest Radeon Software Crimson Edition driver 16.11.4 or later HERE .


Adam Kozak,

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