At Radeon™ Technologies Group, our favorite thing to do is hang out with passionate gamers (because that’s what we are)—and that’s exactly what we got to do this past Tuesday in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary.

As part of our mini-Radeon RX Vega experience tour, we set up a head-to-head FreeSync™ vs. G-Sync™ demo at the Akvárium Klub and let you, the gamers, experience Radeon RX Vega for the first time.

Radeon reps Antal Tungler (RTG’s resident Hungarian), Damion Triolet and I received such a warm welcome from the crowd who came out to our event, eager to talk about Radeon Vega RX and everything gaming with us.

For us, it’s always exhilarating to get first-hand reactions from gamers on our new graphics cards. Nothing beats being with you guys face-to-face to hear about what you’re most excited about for Radeon RX Vega, what games you’re most looking forward to and where you think the gaming industry is heading!

Our friends at ASUS joined us for the event as well, and they brought some pretty sweet hardware with them. We showed off their gorgeous new notebook featuring Ryzen and Radeon RX 580 graphics, along with their AMD XConnect™ solution sporting a Radeon RX 480.

Interacting with gamers is what we love the most. We had a such a blast at our meet-up and we hope all of you guys did as well! Thank you for being so welcoming and joining us for the first public Radeon Vega RX demo.

We’re all looking forward to getting back to Budapest in the near future. If you’re headed to PDXLAN, come by the Radeon RX Vega experience area and say hey!

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  • Achim

    Can this highly praised card also meet the needs of a pensioner? :-))

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