Radeon™ Software 18.8.2 Combats Mythological Mummies with Strange Brigade

Looking for adventure? To fight against the supernatural? Look no further than AMD Radeon™ Software 18.8.2 to help your inner adventurer survive 1930's Egypt in Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade Recommended Settings

Playing through a period piece is always fun. Playing through a period piece with quirky narration and a defiant sense of adventure through ancient civilizations is even better.

Monster Hunter: World Recommended Settings

Capcom’s highly anticipated Monster Hunter: World is finally out on PC, much to the rejoice of keyboard-and-mouse hunters around the world.

Radeon™ Software 18.7.1 Combats the Invasion with Earthfall

Delivering improved performance, Radeon™ Software 18.7.1 helps accelerate your gameplay in Earthfall.

Renewing AMD’s Commitment to Stability

An independent audit has found that AMD has the most stable graphics driver in the industry. Learn more about how these results were reached and why stability matters.

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